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Adjustment Layer for Mac

This guide shows how to add one layer to adjust several clips. The effects applied to an adjustment layer affect all layers below it in the layer stacking order. You only need to edit the layer, dragging the transitions and effects on the layer, to apply the effects to the layers below it.

Usage Scenarios

The adjustment layer can make the same adjustments to however how many clips are under it all at once. By editing the layer mask, it's more convenient to make adjustments or remove the feature. It allows you to edit a single layer when re-editing, instead of complicatedly adjusting different parts of videos.

Apply Adjustment Layer to Videos on Mac

Follow the detailed steps below to see how to activate this feature.

Step 1: Import media

After launching the application, you can import the video from your computer or the library. Then, drag the clip to the processing interface.

Step 2: Launch the Adjustment Layer

Click My Media>Adjustment Layer>Preset to process a new task. Alternatively, you can modify your saved presets in Custom. Then, drag the Adjustment Layer to the timeline above the video clip.

activate adjustment layer on mac interface

Step 3: Change the detailed settings

Drag the Adjustment Layer in the timeline back and forth to perfectly match the duration of the video.

drag the layer back or forth

Then, one-click to open the settings interface on the right of the screen. When you are done, click Ok. There are two settings options: Layer and Color.

  • The Layer settings include basic modifications, such as Scale, Position, Flip & Rotate, Rotate, Blend Mode, and Opacity, as well as Animation.
  • In terms of Color, you can apply various built-in presets and change the White Balance or set Color, Light, Vignette, and Color Match.
adjustment layer animation settings interface

Step 4: Add more effects

Click Effects in the toolbar at the top of the interface. Besides a variety of Default choices, you can find whatever you want in Filmstock.

filmora effects filmstock choices

Drag your needed effect to the Adjustment Layer in the timeline. After that, the effect settings are available. If you need to adjust the effect, click the layer in the timeline. Then, the settings window will appear on the left side of the interface.

Delete This Feature

To delete the Adjustment Layer feature, you can select the clip in the timeline, right-click on your mouse, and click Delete.

delete adjustment layer