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Keyframe Graph Editor for Mac

Keyframes holds a significant value when it comes to editing in Filmora. Users can make different animations with their help and they help in creating smooth transitions. In all the previous versions, keyframing was shown in timeline panel however, it is now separated as an independent feature in Filmora.

Accessing the Keyframe Graph Editor

This section is dedicated to teach you to access the keyframe panel in Filmora in a step-by-step manner:

Step 1: Open Filmora and Start a New Project

From Filmora’s official website, download the latest version and open it. Then navigate towards the left and from the control panel select "Create Project" option. Further, from the main menu select "New Project" button in blue.

start new filmora project
Start new filmora project
Step 2: Import Media in Media Gallery

Once you reach the main interface of Filmora, click the "Click here to import media" button to import video clips. After the media shows up in the Media Library, place the cursor on media file and drag it towards the timeline. Drop this file on one of the tracks in timeline.

add clips to timeline
Add clips to timeline
Step 3: Access the Settings Panel

Now, click on this dropped file in the timeline and navigate towards the settings panel appearing on your screen. At the end of settings panel, you'll find a button stating "Keyframe Panel" which displays the keyframe graph editor at the right side of settings panel.

access keyframe panel option
Access keyframe panel option
Step 4: Manage Keyframing Through Graph

Adjust the keyframes at different positions of playhead and observe respective changes in the graph. This helps you keep a track of all the property changes happening across the imported clip.

add keyframes and observe graph
Add keyframes and observe graph