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How to Make Whiteboard Animation Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 14, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Whiteboard animation simply refers to the process of story telling using pictures and drawn resources on a whiteboard or a plane white surface. Its simply the creation of conventional story telling procedure where text, images, diagrams, figures, etc are drawn onto a white surface.

Whiteboard animation video usually work with audio, visual and most times a combination of both audio and visual to sell a particular information to the audience. Another name it has gotten over time which you may come across while surfing the internet is doodle videos.

whiteboard animation video

In creating this type of videos, script writes are usually employed because of the dynamics involved in creating them. The major users of whiteboard animation video are business owners and people in the education fields. Other people make use of it but these two groups are the major users.

Whiteboard animation is important because it helps viewers remember the contents of what they watched better than looking at an image that contains a lot of information that may not always be organized.

Over time, whiteboard videos have become a more compelling and innovative method of dissemination information. They work so well because it's a more relatable and fun way of making videos. It goes outside the conventional video making techniques and employs the animation standards which is fun to watch, engaging and still maintains the ability to effective pass the required information to the viewers.

Also, it uses a unique style to mix text, animations, and colors to drive the point home. Viewers are usually glued to their screen while watching it. The usual white background equally makes the information being displayed to effective contrast with each other. However, there is a recent movement from the usual white background to any color of choice while still maintaining the contrasting quality of the videos.

Finally, people tend to remember events or information if they are told as stories. This is one of the major objectives of whiteboard animation videos. They use graphics and animations to tell stories, sell products and services while maintaining the fun in it.

Whiteboard animation video usually takes time to create. Its not always as easy as it may seem. It takes dedication and patience before you perfect the video. if you're new to this, its ok to not have that perfect video immediately. What matters is your will to grow and get better.

Below is an example of a whiteboard animation video created using Animaker. We'll still look at the various software applications used for creating whiteboard animation videos.

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    1. Filmora
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How to Create Your Video

Step1 The first step to creating your whiteboard animation video is to know your topic of choice. Determining your choice topic is based on the purpose of the video. You have to know the reason why the video is being created in the first place to enable you decide the contents, the outlook, the font style and size and the colors to use.

Step2 The next step after you've getting your topic is execution of the idea. This involves having a script which usually involves the step-by-step procedure you are to follow to achieve your goal. Writing the script is arguable the most difficult process. However, once you get it right, all the other processes become relatively easy to execute. You might need to employ a professional script writer depending on your budget for the project.

Step3 After that, the next thing is to deicide whether or not to use your own voice or computer voice. This is also called a voice over. Most software provides a text to speech voice over option which usually comes with various alternatives. There is also another option of using your own voice to finish the project.

Step4 Add text, graphics and animation. This step is usually easier when you are working with the script already provided. You include the text, animations, figures, etc. sometimes you might need to import additional resources to complete this task. However, not all software provides for this.

Step5 Organize your work. In organizing your work, you must ensure that you voice over matches properly with what is on display. Check your spellings, grammar, composition and other ‘little' details that may give your work a bad look.

Step6 Save your work and export. Once your done with your work, you have to save it on your local disk. This also means downloading the work from the website or software onto a local disk. You can now share the video on any social media of your choice. The most popular place to share it is on YouTube which is the most widely used video watching application.

Top 3 Whiteboard Animation Software

When considering which software is best for whiteboard animation creation needs, the most important factor to have at the back of your mind is flexibility and cost. Some software are really flexible to use but cost more than many people can afford. Others are cheap to purchase but do not have all the necessary resources needed to make a great video.

We'll be looking at various software that combines cost effectiveness and flexibility. Note however that this list is not exhaustive of the software that combines these two features but are worthy of mention for the purpose of this article.


At the top of our list is Filmora. This does not make them the best. However, they are relatively easy to use and have a combination of the two features mentioned above. Finally on our list is Filmora. This software offers much more than just whiteboard animation. It's your go-to software for your video creation and video editing needs. One of the best parts of this software is that it supports 2D and 3D animation.

Free Download
Free Download


It has a lot of free resources which are made available to users after creating and account with them and verifying your email. However, like most other software, the juicy parts of it are locked and can be unlocked with a monthly or yearly subscription. They are 3 packages; Basic which cost $10 per month and $120 per year, starter package which cost $19 per month and $228 per year and the pro package which costs $49 per month and $588 per year.


This software is at the top of our list because the free resources it provides is adequate to make a decent whiteboard animation. Note that it comes with their watermark which cannot be removed without a paid subscription.


Doodly is one of the most popular software applications for creating whiteboard videos. Its popularity comes from the fact that no prior skills is needed to use the software other than basic computer and internet usage. A lot of processes are already automated for users. If you're a user that is concerned about quick responses from their customer care/support, doodly covers you. They have a record time response to issues from their users. Visit to view their pricing.

doodly animation video software


If you're wondering why you should chose whiteboard animation over the conventional video creating technique, then you should probably try it out. Animation easily captures the interest of viewers and the slide-by-slide transitioning equally makes it better. You can always try out other software applications to know the one that fits you best.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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