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Keyframe Graph Editor for Windows

Keyframe editing has always been a core component of this video editor, and now it has been introduced as an independent function. With the new "Keyframe Graph Editor" in Filmora, adjust your animations within videos to make them smooth and lifelike. While it utilizes Bezier curves for enhancing the animations, it helps cater to many issues involving the previous iterations of keyframing editing. This guide below is going to discuss the new "Keyframe Panel" option of Filmora and how to access it on your Windows:

Access the Keyframe Graph Editor

The keyframe graph editor or keyframe panel of Filmora is all about keyframing in a precise manner. To experiment with this amazing feature, here is a step-by-step guide to access it:

Step 1: Install Filmora and Initiate a Project

After commencing the successful installation of Filmora, log in to it. Then, from the options appearing on the main screen, select the "New Project" button. This will take you to the editing interface of Filmora.

create new project in filmora
Create new project in filmora
Step 2: Import Media and Move it to the Timeline

From the editing window, go to the "Media" tab in the custom toolbar and then select the "Click here to import media" option on the media screen to import media. Once your file is imported, move it to the timeline with your cursor and place it on the timeline track.

add media to timeline
Add media to timeline
Step 3: Enable the Keyframe Panel

Now, click on this clip in the timeline and navigate toward the bottom of the right-side panel. From there, click the "Keyframe Panel" button, and a keyframe graph will be shown at the top right of your screen. Now, add different keyframes in your videos, seamlessly edit them, and keep track through this graph editor.

adjusting keyframe paneling
Adjusting keyframe paneling