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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide


Customized animation enables your video clip and image to become personalized and creative. 

Find the Animation Customization Feature

You can find the Customize window through two smart ways:

1 Double click on the video clip, then select Animation>Customize.

2 Right-click on the video clip, then choose Animation> Add Animation.

Adjust the Parameters

Put the playhead where you want to add a keyframe. And then click Add to keyframe the video. After that, you can adjust four parameters to create an excellent animation effect.

Adjust the Parameters
Customize Animation

Rotate: Move the video screen in a circle around an axis or center.

Scale: Adjust the size of the video screen to become larger or smaller.

Position: Change the video screen position vertically or horizontally. For X-axis, a positive value means to move to the right, while a negative value means to move to the left. For Y-axis, a positive value means to move to the top, while a negative value means to move to the bottom.

Opacity: It represents the condition of lacking transparency or translucence.

You can adjust the above four parameters as you like. If are not satisfied with the result, you can click on the Reset icon to restore the previous value.