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Animation for Windows

This guide introduces how to apply preset animations or preset motions to your video. Animation makes the clips in your video connect with each other more naturally and attractively. Plus, your video could be more creative and unique.

Apply Animation Templates to Videos on Windows

Here is how to activate the Animation feature and how to apply your ideal preset to the video.

Step1: Import your needed clip

Launch Filmora on the computer first. Drag the clip you need from the files to the processing interface.

Step 2: Activate Animation

Move the progress bar to where you want to edit the animation. Click the video once, and in the property panel on the right side of the screen, find Video > Animation. Then, in the Drop Down List below, choose Preset Animation or Preset Motions.

launch customized animation feature on windows
launch customized animation feature on windows
  • Preset Animation: Filmora offers nine types of preset animations, including Fade in, Fade out, Pause, Slide Right, Slide Up, Vortex In, Vortex Out, Zoom In, and Zoom Out.
  • Preset Motions: The Preset Motions offers more than 70 templates. You can explore and discover the feature you like.
Hover the pointer on the animation effects and stay there for a while, and you can preview the effect in the little windows where it is located.
Step 3: Apply the feature

Drag or double-click the effect to apply. After double-clicking the effect, the player on the right side will show you a short preview of it. You can consider whether it is suitable for your video.

Remove Preset Animation or Preset Motions

The following operations explain how to remove the two features:

  • Preset Animation
  • To remove the Preset Animation adjustment, go back to the property panel and click Video > Animation > Preset Animation again. Then, click Reset to revert to the default effect.
reset preset animation feature on windows
reset preset animation feature on windows
  • Preset Motions

To remove the Preset Motions adjustment, you need to return to Video > Animation > Preset Motions in the property panel first. Then, click Reset at the bottom of the tab or click No Animation at the position of the first choice.

choose no motion on windows
choose no motion on windows
Filmora not only provides Preset Animation and Preset Motions to videos but also the text inserted in the video. You can double-click the text to launch the text animation feature, and the steps are similar to the above-mentioned ones.