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Beat Detection

Filmora's Beat Detection function will automatically mark audio beats and make matching your video easier. Here are the steps to use Beat Detection.

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Create Markers with Beat Detection

Right-click on a music file that you want to detect the beats for. You can choose from the built-in music or your imported audio files. Select Beat Detection in the context menu. When the analysis is finished, a Beat icon will appear on the music’s thumbnail.

Beat Detection

To see the beat markers, drag and drop your analyzed music file into your timeline. Filmora will display highlight beat markers in red every four beats by default, but this setting can be changed.

Add to Timeline

Beat Options Setting

You can change the beat detection settings by right-clicking the music file in the library. Then select Beat Options. Here you can change the Beat Model, Highlight Frequency, Highlight Offset, or Mark highlight beats only to display every beat marker.

Beat Options
  • Beat Model: Beat Model allows you to choose the highlight beat. There may be different important drumbeats. You can choose the highlight beat as you like.
  • Highlight Frequency: A piece of music is composed with rhythm. When you find the highlight beat, you can calculate how many beats are followed by a highlight beat.
  • Highlight Offset: Highlight offset enables the highlight beat to shift from beat 1 to beat 2, or from beat 1 to beat 4. You can set the preference as you like..
  • Mark Highlight Beats Only: If you don’t tick the option, all the beats will appear in the audio track..

Add Additional Beat Markers

Select your audio file in the timeline and place the playhead where you want to add a marker. Then, click the marker icon or press M on your keyboard.

Add Beat Marker

Remove Beat Markers

Choose a marker and press Delete on the keyboard, or right-click on the marker and choose Delete. To remove all markers, choose Delete All Markers.

Besides, you can also edit your marker name and color. Commenting on the marker can also help you better understand the usage of the markers.

Marker Editor