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Markers for Windows

Marker is an insightful aid in Filmora’s video creation and editing since they enable users to highlight or mark the errored points in the video. In simple words, users can pinpoint their mistakes and correct them later easily without having to watch a complete video again. Although the feature was already present in Filmora, it has been optimized, and here is a guide to utilize it.

Add a Marker During Video Editing

Markers play an important role in video editing, saving time wasted while rewatching a video. This section includes a detailed guide to adding markers step-by-step before starting to edit a video:

Method 1: Adding Markers through the Timeline Toolbar
Step 1: Initiate Filmora and Start a New Project

Once you reach the main interface of Filmora after installing it on your PC, log in to your account by clicking the profile icon at the top bar. Navigate towards the left-side panel, choose the "Create Project" option, and go to the "New Project" tab.

initiate filmora and click new project
Initiate filmora and click new project
Step 2: Place the Imported Media to Timeline

Once the new project is created, hover the mouse towards the custom toolbar and select "Media". From the left panel, choose "Project Media" and select the "Import" option to add media at the project media bar. After this, click the media file with the help of a cursor and drag and drop it to the timeline panel.

drop imported clip to timeline
Drop imported clip to timeline
Step 3: Add Markers from the Timeline Toolbar

To add markers, watch your video, identify the mistake, pause the video, and place the playhead at that point. From the timeline toolbar, select the "Bookmark" icon saying "Add Marker", a marker will be added at that point. Repeat the same process for adding more markers.

click the marker option
Click the marker option
Step 4: Access the Modification Option

With Filmora, you can customize your marker settings according to your video to avoid complications. For this, go to the marker you added and right-click on it. This will open a small control panel where you have to choose the "Modify Marker" option.

access modify marker option
Access modify marker option
Step 5: Customize the Markers

From the new window, make relative changes in the Marker Editor window. You can name your marker, add a comment in the "Comment" box, and change the marker color.

Customize marker and click OK
Method 2: Adding Markers through the Keyboard

After importing the clip in timeline and identifying the points of error in your video, place the play on these points and press the "M" letter from your keyboard. This will add a marker in chosen timeframes.

press m key to add marker
Press M key to add marker

Remove a Marker After Video Editing

Once you are done editing your mistakes, you should remove those markers. To successfully remove a marker, click right on the marker and, from the options menu, select "Delete" to delete the particular marker or "Delete All Markers" to delete them collectively.

choose marker removing options
Choose marker removing options