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Audio ducking

Audio Ducking means to decrease the volume level of specified audio when second specified audio is present. In video editing software, audio ducking is usually used to lower background music anytime a person speaks. When the person finishes speaking, the background music raises again. This technique can be used in any scenario where you want to be heard clearly.

Duck Audio in Filmora

Locate Ducking Function in Filmora

In Filmora audio ducking feature, you do not lower the volume of the clips that you choose. On the contrary, the volume of the other clips is decreased. Kindly choose the one that needs to be heard clearly.

There are three methods that you can access Filmora ducking features.

1 Double click the clip that you want the voice to be heard clearly.

2 Right-click on video or audio clip and select Adjust Audio.

3 Select the video or audio clip, then click Tools>Audio>Adjust Audio.

In the above three paths, the first one is the easiest way to duck your clips.

Audio Ducking

The default ducking value is 50%. You can also adjust the volume of the other clips by dragging the slider.

Cancel the Ducking Option

There are two ways to turn off the audio ducking:

1 Click on the reset logo.

2 Click on the check box.