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Filmora Workspace for Windows

This guide introduces how to share, comment, and modify a video with others in the Filmora online workspace.

Filmora workspace is a co-creation platform. It can be used to share a video with your friends and add comments in real-time. Plus, you can store and manage your assets in the space.

Usage Scenario

If you work as a business client in the video field, you might need to check the process of your supplier. It's troublesome for both sides to send the video to the other again and again to comment and modify. With an online link shared by those who are editing the video, you can send instant feedback and check the modifications as soon as the adjustments had made.

Launch Workspace on Windows

The following are the steps for launching the workspace platform after logging in.

Step 1: Open the Transfer Center Panel

On the top toolbar, in the right corner, find the Transfer Center icon. Click it to launch the Transfer Center panel.

window filmora transfer center icon
Step 2: Launch the workspace

On the bottom left of the pop-up Transfer Center panel, go to “Filmora Workspace is here”, and click “Try it out!” to experience this feature.

access to workspace

Workspace Interface

Here is the introduction of the features in the workspace interface.

Media File

Here is where to save your uploaded video. You can drag or drop your locally saved video to this section. Then, the clip will be displayed here, available to be renamed, shared, viewed, or downloaded.

windows filmora workspace features

The following are tips on how to share and comment on your videos.

  • Share

The Share feature can create a link for you to send to other people. You are able to share the link With Password or Without Password.

  • If you choose to contain an Access code, it will be given automatically with four characters. It's uneditable.
  • The expiration of the link can be set from 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, to Never.
  • Permission, including Download and Comment, can also be set.
windows share with or without a password
  • View

Here is where you can send feedback on the video. You can select to comment on the exact time of the clip or the Overall video. Apart from noting down your own views, you can invite others to leave an opinion by sending them the link to the video.

windows view and send comments
Finished Videos

Here shows your exported videos if you've uploaded them from Filmora after editing.

Project Files

This section displays your project files uploaded from Filmora.

Shared Files

You can check the recordings of all videos you have shared. It allows you to view the clips, find the link to the video, and adjust the expiration time or permissions.

Recycle Bin

In the Recycle Bin, you can find accidentally deleted files and restore them in Media Files.

other features of workspace