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Marked Favorites for Windows

Wondershare Filmora has already allowed users to mark their favorite effects, templates, and stickers. However, the new upgrade has improved the system, and now users can do much more than add graphics to favorites. To know more about this functionality and how to access it, keep reading this guide:

Customizing Marked Favorites

With the addition of tags, users can now customize their favorite stickers in different categories, and given below is a detailed overview of how to do it:

Step 1: Initiate a New Project in Filmora

Following a successful download of Filmora, login to your account and, navigate towards the left panel, click the "Create Project" option. From the options appearing on the main screen, click "New Project".

create a new project to start
Create a new project to start
Step 2: Add a Graphic Element to Favorites

Now, pick a graphic you want to add, which can be an effect, sticker, music, or anything. Once you select the graphic tab, go to the elements below and mark your favorites by clicking the "Star" icon.

select a graphic option from toolbar
Select a graphic option from toolbar
Step 3: Go to the Marked Favorites

While staying in the same graphic tab, navigate towards the "Mine" category on the left side and expand it. From the given options, select "Favorites" and hover towards one of the marked favorites.

access the favorites option
Access the favorites option
Step 4: Assign Tags to Marked Favorites

Afterward, right-click on this favorite, and from the options, choose "Add Tag", and you'll see multiple options there. You can categorize your favorite elements in two tags named "Recently Used" and "Commonly Used". These categories will be displayed at the top of the favorites section.

add a tag from given categories
Add a tag from given categories
Step 5: Customizing a Tag

Furthermore, you can add a personal category by selecting "New Tag". Once you click the "New Tag" option, a pop-up will appear where you can customize the name for your tag and click "OK" to proceed. You will be able to access or see the new tag at the top of the favorites section with other tag categories. From there, if you want to create a new tag, you can do it by clicking the "+" option.

name a new tag
Name a new tag
Step 6: Delete or Rename a Tag

If you are unsatisfied with the name of the tag or want to remove it, choose the "Manage Tag" option. A small manage tags window will appear; go to the tag's name, click on the "Three Dots" icon, and rename or delete it. This method allows you to customize a tag or add your marked favorites to a tab.

delete a tag and press close
Delete a tag and press close