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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Wondershare Filmora previously offered a Speech-to-Text feature that helped users convert their video's speech into captions or subtitles. Filmora recently released the Auto Caption feature, which automatically includes dynamic subtitle effects after STT transcription. This feature allows users to develop more interactive content with automatic highlighting.

How To Use Auto Caption Feature in STT of Wondershare Filmora?

While looking for more interactive options to make your subtitles and captions better, have a look into how Filmora has made it effective with the Auto Caption feature:

Step 1. Launch Filmora and Access the Speech-to-Text Feature

Start by launching Wondershare Filmora on your Windows device and continue by selecting the "New Project" button. Continue to add your video by using the "Import" option and drag it onto the timeline. Once you've successfully added it to the timeline, right-click to open a drop-down menu and select "Speech-to-Text” from the options.

access speech to text feature

Step 2. Enable the Auto Caption Feature and Execute

As you are directed onto a new pop-up window, make sure to enable the “Add automatical active words” option along with other settings. This enables the Auto Caption feature in STT, which is executed by clicking the “OK” button on the bottom.

enable auto caption and other properties

Step 3. Change the Style of Added Captions With Templates

Once the video is successfully transcribed, the converted speech is displayed as text across the timeline. Dynamic subtitles are successfully added as captions to the video with proper accuracy. To change the style of your added subtitles, go to the "Titles" section and find a variety across the "Templates" sub-section. Select and choose "Apply to All" to change all the video captions.

change template style of captions

Step 4. Change Font Properties and Export

For bringing changes to the font style, size, and color scheme to match your video branding, lead to the "Basic" sub-section and make necessary changes. If you wish to apply this to all captions, use the "Apply to All" button. Simply lead to the "Export" button for saving the transcribed video to your computer.

make more font changes and export
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