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Audio Equalizer

The Audio Equalizer (EQ) enables you to raise and lower the loudness of an audio frequency (i.e. bass or treble). You can choose one equalizer preset and add it to the audio or customize it from scratch with sliders.

Adjust Audio Equalizer

1. Double click the video or audio file in the timeline and then go to the Audio tab.

2. Go to Equalizer option and select one preset from the drop-down list, including Default, Classic, Low Bass, Sparkle, Pop, Rock' n' Roll, Soft, Techno, Hard Rock, Ska, Country, Acoustic, Folk, Blues, and Custom. You can choose a preset based on the type of audio or the genre of the music.

select equalizer preset
Select Equalizer Preset

3. Click the Setting button and access the Custom Equalizer window to modify the gain by dragging the sliders up or down.

customize equalizer
Customize Equalizer

4. Click the play button in the Preview window to check the result. Click OK to apply the equalizer effect to the audio.

You can also click the Customize button before applying a preset to make the equalizer effect from scratch.