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AI Music Generator for Windows

The advanced AI Music feature offers a seamless music editing experience, allowing you to customize your music according at will. With the filtering options, you can effortlessly generate music for commercial use in seconds (only for Youtube channel). AI Music has been introduced as an independent function and can be easily accessed from the "Audio" section. 

For a comprehensive view of this feature, discover the relevant details in the guide:

How to Generate AI Music with Filmora

To generate flawless music with Filmora's cutting-edge AI technology, here is a step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Create a New Project

Upon successfully downloading Filmora, open it and log in or sign up from the main menu. Afterward, direct the cursor towards the control panel at the left and select "Create Project". From the numerous tabs appearing on the main menu, tap on the "New Project" tab.

click new project to start editing
Click new project to start editing
Step 2: Access the AI Music Window

After selecting a new project, you'll be directed towards Filmora's main editing interface. From there, navigate towards the "Audio" tab in the top custom toolbar. Following that, hover towards the panel at the left, select "AI Music", and click "Start".

go to the audio tab
Go to the audio tab
Step 3: Start Generating AI Music

Once you click "Start," the AI Music Generator window will appear where you can customize your music. You can choose the "Mood," "Theme," "Genre," "Tempo," and "Music Duration," and then a number of results will be generated. On defining all settings, click "Start" to generate music through AI.

set music elements and tap start
Set music elements and tap start
Step 4: Obtain Results and Conclude AI Music Generation

With the music generated, you can view the entire innovation in the adjacent column. Click the "Download" arrowhead to download the generated music for commercial use. Consequently, you can also select the three-dotted icon next to it to view the details and attributes of the generated music.

download ai generated music
Download ai generated music