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Pro Video Scopes for Windows

Video Scopes is like a track of color elements during color correction and enhancement, and Filmora's new upgrades include pro video scopes for a professional editing experience. Users can use four video scopes: Parade, Waveform, Vectorscope, and Histogram. To utilize this functionality in Filmora, keep reading the details below:

Access Pro Video Scopes

With the help of this guide, users are going to learn how they can access the video scope functionality in Wondershare Filmora:

Step 1: Login to Start a New Project

After installing this software, navigate towards the "Profile" icon at the top and log in or sign up accordingly. To start editing, go to the left side panel of Filmora's main menu and select the "Create Project" option. Afterward, hover towards the center of this screen and click the "New Project" button.

create a new project
Create a new project
Step 2: Access Video Scopes

Once you are in the main interface of Filmora, navigate towards the top right corner of the preview screen and select the "Video Scope" icon. By selecting this button, the four video scopes mentioned above will appear.

access the video scope option
Access the video scope option
Step 3: Customize the Video Scopes

Users can also customize these video scopes as per their preferences. They can change the layout options from the available list to see selected video scopes at a time. Moreover, they can expand the button showing the name of the video scope and change display options for these video scopes.

change video scope layout
Change video scope layout
Step 4: Manage Parade Video Scope

There are a variety of video scopes made available across Filmora. Starting from managing the colors of the video, the "Parade" video scope can be used to change the color channel from RGB to YRGB or YCbCr.

change colors through parade scope
Change colors through parade scope
Step 5: Change Other Video Scopes

Conversely, the "Waveform" video scope can be used to adjust the color channels in a different way. The "Vectorscope" scope helps in identifying the skin tone, and the "Histogram" video scope displays the multiple color adjustments in a graphical way, with adjustments of color channels.

manage other video scopes
Manage other video scopes