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Applying Drop Shadow for Windows

This guide introduces how to add the drop shadow effect to a video on Windows.

You can create a natural-looking shadow for the object added to the video afterward through the drop shadow effect. The object includes shapes, images, and even moving objects.

Add Drop Shadow to Image and Video

Follow the procedure below to apply the drop shadow effect in your image and video.

Step 1: Add your needed video or image

After launching the application on your computer, import or directly drag your video to the timeline. And then drag the PIP video or image to the above track. Adjust the size, position, and mask of the PiP video accordingly.

Step 2: Activate the drop shadow feature

Click the PiP video in the timeline. Then, in the property panel on the right side of the screen, find Drop Shadow in the Video>Basic section. Click the button beside Drop Shadow to activate the feature.

activate the drop shadow feature
Step 3: Adjust the settings

Change the settings of the drop shadow based on your needs.

  • You can change the Type from None to Soft, Regular, or Retro.
  • If you want to modify the Angle, you can rotate the dot in the circle below the Angle to change the value.
  • Color is used to change the color of the drop shadow.
  • Drag the slider of Distance, Blur, and Opacity to add more features.
drop shadow feature settings

Add Keyframes on Drop Shadow

If you want to add the customized animation of the drop shadow in part of the video, you need to apply keyframe features. Here are the steps for adding keyframes.

Step 1: Add the start keyframe

Drag the pointer to where you want to add the start keyframe. In the property panel, after setting the feature of the drop shadow, click the diamond icon beside the feature. If you click the diamond icon beside Drop Shadow in the toolbar, all features below this section will be added to the keyframe.

windows drop shadow keyframe icon
Step 2: Add more keyframes

Repeat the above-mentioned steps to add more keyframes. You can add as many keyframes as you need. The minimum of keyframes needed in animation is two.

When you are done with the settings, Filmora will analyze the changes from the start keyframe to the end one. Then, it will output a natural and smooth animation of the drop shadow.