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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Crop & Pan & Zoom Video

You can crop video to a specific aspect ratio so that only the area you selected appears when playback. Or, you can use the Pan & Zoom effect to make the camera appear to zoom in or zoom out of the clip. For example, you can choose to start a video clip in full-frame view, then gradually zoom in to reveal a specific subject in the video, then pan to reveal other subjects in the video.

Crop Videos and Photos

You can use the Crop tool to crop out unwanted portions of the video and customize the aspect ratio.

  • Select the video in the timeline, and then click the Crop icon crop to open the Crop and Zoom panel. Or you can right-click on the clip in the timeline, and select the Crop and Zoom option from the Video context menu to enter the Crop and Zoom panel.
  • In the Crop and Zoom panel, set up the ratio of the crop area by choosing the ratio presets:
    16:9: set the crop area at 1:1 aspect ratio, for example, the standard aspect ratio for YouTube on a computer.
    4:3: set the crop area at 4:3 aspect ratio, which is popular back in 80s and 90s.
    9:16: set the crop area at 9:16 aspect ratio, namely a vertical video.
    Custom: set up a customize aspect ratio using the Width and Height fields manually.
    Drag the sizing handles on the crop rectangle to set the crop area.
  • Drag the corner handles in the rectangle area to adjust the size and position of the crop area.
  • Click OK to save the setting and crop the video.
 crop video in Filmora
Crop Window

Pan & Zoom for Videos and Photos

A 'Pan' is when the camera moves between two subjects while filming and a 'Zoom' is when the camera either moves closer or farther to one part of the frame through the use of a zoom lens.

For example, you can start showing with a close-up of a subject in the video, and gradually zoom out to show the full scene.

  • Right-click on the video in the timeline and choose Crop and Zoom option under Video context menu.
  • Switch to the Pan and Zoom tab in Crop and Zoom panel. Two frames will appear over your footage: a green frame marked Start and a red frame marked End.
    pan and zoom video in Filmora
    Pan and Zoom Window
  • There are 5 pan & zoom modes to choose from under the right corner, click one to apply quickly.
    Zoom in mode: Zoom in from the larger green frame to the smaller red frame, i.e. from far to near. You may do this to get a close up on a character's face.
    Zoom out mode: Zoom out from the smaller green frame to the larger red frame, i.e. from near to far. You may do this to reveal a larger scene.
    Pan left mode: Move horizontally from the green frame on the left to the red frame on the right. You may do this to move between characters or follow a moving subject.
    Pan right mode: Move horizontally from the green frame on the right to the red frame on the left. You may do this to move between characters or follow a moving subject.
    Swap mode: Swap the start and end area.
  • Drag the handles in the Start frame rectangle area and the End frame rectangle area to resize until it is framed in the way you want.
  • Click the OK button to apply the changes

When play back, the clip is cropped at the beginning as set by the Start frame and zoomed in or out based on how the End frame is cropped.