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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide


Learn how to transform in Filmora to accelerate video editing.

The functions of resizing, rotating, or flipping can be realized in the Transform tab.

Resize Videos

  • ❶ To change the display size of a video, bring up the Video menu by double-clicking on the clip.

  • ❷ Drag the Scale slider under Transform in the Video tab. Make sure the box next to Transform is checked first.

  • ❸ To the Scale slider, you'll see a box where you can enter a specific value you want to scale to.

Resize Videos
Resize Videos

Rotate or Flip Videos

  • ❶ To rotate or flip a clip: Place the clip you'd like to rotate or flip to the timeline and double click on it.

  • ❷ The menu that opens will have options like Chroma Key and Composting. Go into the Transform menu and make sure its box is checked.

  • ❸ Drag the Rotate Slider to the right to rotate your video, or insert a numerical value into the box located next to the slider.

  • ❹ Directly below Rotate, you'll see the Flip option. The Horizontal Flip icon will let you reverse your clip from left to right, and the Vertical Flip icon will turn the clip upside down.

  • ❺ In the lower-left corner of the menu, you'll see the Reset button. Click on it if you want to undo the changes you've made. If you’re happy with your changes, click OK.

Rotate or Flip Videos
Rotate or Flip Videos