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Apply Transforming for Windows

This guide introduces how to apply the transform feature while editing a video.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Activate Transform

You can follow the steps below to activate the feature and transform your clip.

Step 1: Import media to the application

After you launch Filmora, you can drag and drop your files to the timeline.

Step 2: Activate the transform feature

Click the clip in the timeline and find Transform in Video>Basic in the property panel on the right side of the interface. Then, click the button beside Transform to start editing.

windows activate transform feature interface

Four Uses of Transform

The following are four uses of transform you can apply to edit your videos.

1. Resize Videos

To change the display size of a video, drag the slider under Scale. X is used to change the width, and Y is used to change the height. X and Y change simultaneously by default. Click the lock button to change one of them individually.

windows transform feature settings
2. Flip or Rotate Videos

Under the Flip tab, there are four choices:

1) Click the Flip Horizontal icon to reverse the clip from left to right, or click the Flip Vertical icon to turn the clip upside down;

windows transform feature settings

2) Click the rotate Clockwise or Counterclockwise icons to rotate the clip directly;

windows transform feature settings

3) Otherwise, insert a value in the box under the Rotate tab, or drag the dot in the circle, to adjust the angle of the clip.

windows transform feature settings

Tip: When you put the mouse cursor in the Rotate value box, the cursor will become a double-ended arrow. If you move the cursor to right, the video clip will rotate clockwise; if move to the left, the clip will rotate counterclockwise.

3. Change Position

You can apply the Position feature to change the location of the video. Insert numerical values in the Position to adjust where the video is displayed on the screen.

windows transform feature settings
4. Add Keyframes

Keyframe is a customized way to add animation of transform. Here are the steps to add keyframes to the video.

Step 1: Add the start keyframe

Drag the playhead to where you want to add a keyframe. Then, change the settings in the Transform tab to meet your needs. When you are happy with the changes, click the diamond icon beside the features. If you click the diamond icon beside Transform on the toolbar, all features in the tab will be selected as the feature of this keyframe.

windows transform add keyframes
Step 2: Add more keyframes

Repeat the step above to add other keyframes. There is no limit to the maximum of keyframes you add, but the minimum number is two. You need at least one start keyframe and one end keyframe.

When you add all keyframes you need, Filmora will automatically analyze the changes from one to another and output the smooth animation of the transform.