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Complete Guide to Make a Super Easy Rotating Video Effect

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Jan 12, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Controlling camera direction to the subject's hands and filming is trending nowadays. Create this effect by using easy film hacks, as shown in this article.

Many users make rotating illusion videos for TikTok or any branding video. The foremost items to record are explained in this article with detailed instructions. The best editing tool is also clarified below for instant results. So keep reading to get a hand with filming and editing a professional rotating transition video!

In this article
  1. What is a Rotating Video Illusion/Effect
  2. Prerequisites to Make a Rotating Video Effect
  3. Step-by-Step Guide to Edit on Filmora

Part 1. What is a Rotating Video Illusion/Effect

Rotating transition video is a trending feature used by models and influencers. The brands also use this style to record the model's videos in advertisements. It could be any makeup transition or clothing transition video.

final preview of rotating video illusion

It helps to indulge the audience with your content and show the after and before transitions. You can try this with any object or any character. But first, let's figure out the requirements for rotating effects.

Part 2. Prerequisites to Make a Rotating Video Effect

You will need a few items to create a rotating transition video. First, look at the fundamental priorities for creating this feature.

The Subject Matters

To record a successful rotating video, you need a person or a subject to perform in front of the camera. It can be a model hired by a brand, a social influencer, or maybe it's you. Keep in mind the following things before recording:

  • The person should get two different costumes.
  • All the actions need to be rehearsed before shooting
  • Show affinity and control of the camera.
character of the video

Shotting Equipment

To record a professional video, you need a good camera. You can use a smartphone to record this footage. There is no need to have a tripod stand or any gear to hold the camera because the camera will be in a rotating position, the same as the subject's hand.

For this, you need a filmmaker or any person living with you. Just give instructions as shown below to him to record a perfect video for yourself:

  • Record the whole video in just one direction.
  • Don't shake the camera because it gives blurry footage.
  • Ensure to focus on the subject during recording.
  • Don't zoom in or out while recording the video.
  • Keep the subject in the middle of the frame during the recording process.
  • The hand rotation timing is the same as the camera's rotation.
Note: Ensure to record one footage multiple times so that you can choose the perfect one later for editing.
smartphone for filming

Filming of the First Footage

To make the footage for the rotating video illusion, we have to record it at least twice to get crystal clear and high-resolution results. Therefore, ensure that we have camera movement in the same direction during all recording times.

Note: You can film the video either in the vertical format of the camera or in horizontal format. It all depends upon your script!

Follow the below-mentioned steps to record the first footage for the video:

  • Hold the camera in a perfect format, whatever you choose.
  • Let the subject stand or sit in the middle of the frame.
  • The filmmaker can rotate the camera when the subject's hand rotates.
  • Try your best to rotate the camera 180 degrees.
  • Ensure that the camera lens faces the ground at the end of the rotation.
filming scenes of first footage

After filming the first footage for the video, it's time to record the second footage to transition between the two.

Filming of the Second Footage

To create a second shot, you have to remember that the costume and location of the filming are different from the first footage. Follow the below steps to record it:

  • The first step is to hold the camera in the same direction as the first footage.
  • When editing, make sure the subject's position matches the first footage.
  • Make sure the subject's hand movement is in the opposite direction from the first shot.
filming scenes of second footage

Now you have both scenes and footage ready. Next, you have to edit them by inserting them into editing software. Follow the step guides below to perform this action!

Part 3. Step-by-Step Guide to Edit on Filmora

To create a professional rotating video illusion, Wondershare Filmora is an ideal tool. Even beginners can quickly get the hang of it due to its highly engaging system user interface (UI). You will discover how to create a rotating video effect in a few clicks.

Free Download
Free Download
interface of wondershare filmora
Step1 Download Wondershare Filmora

To edit your video like a pro, download the most recent version of Wondershare Filmora.

  • Download and open Wondershare Filmora on your PC or Mac.
Step2 Import the Footage

Import recorded footage to start the editing process. It is better to have all your footage in one folder before importing all the clips. The main import window locates in the upper left corner when it is first launched.

  • Click on the Import icon in the import window's center.
  • Wondershare Filmora will then immediately point you toward your PC
  • Navigate to the location where your preferred Videos and Photos are kept.
  • Choose every footage you wish to import.
  • Once you click Open, the files will import.
import the clips to the filmora

It's time to prepare the footage for editing after inserting it into the Filmora. Follow the next steps to do this!

Step3 Add Footage to the Timeline

The videos you've imported will be added to the timeline after that. You can import both footages at once and put them all at once into the timeline.

Alternatively, you can add them one at a time as needed. Follow the procedures as shown to add an item to your timeline.

  • To choose a photo or movie, use the right-click
  • Holding the Right-click, and move it to the timeline from the bottom.
add clips to the timeline

Your images and videos have been imported into the timeline; now it's time to trim them according to requirements.

Step4 Trim the Clips

To insert transition effects, you must trim the clip at a specific point and speed up the clip at the required duration. For this, follow the next actions as shown below:

  • Playback clips and stop the playhead where you want by pressing the Space button from the Keyboard.
  • Then, click on the Split icon present on the playhead.
  • It will trim the clip from that point and separate it from its former one.
trim the clips at specific points

After splitting or trimming the clips, you now have to adjust the speed of the clips, as shown below!

Step5 Adjust Speed and Duration

There is a need to increase the speed of some scenes where the transition starts or ends. For this, follow the below actions:

  • Find the section which needs to speed up, such as in the last half of each rotation.
  • Right-click on the section of the clip in the timeline.
  • Then, select the Speed option as shown in the icon of the timer present on the upper tab of the timeline.
  • Select the Fast option, and if you want to lower the speed, select the Slow option.
  • Choose the speed range according to your requirement.
  • Select that required option and play it back to check if it is correct.
adjustment of speed and duration

The video is all set; give it the final touches by following the last step, as shown below!

Step6 Playback the Video

After adding and adjusting all the features, double-check the video by playback. If you find any duration issue, review it and adjust it according to your requirement.

You can playback the video by clicking on the Play button. Perform this a few more times to ensure the speed looks okay and adjust if it is too slow or too fast.

playback the video

You can also view it in full screen by selecting the last option on the tab. If there is no problem, you can export it locally or directly share it on TikTok or anywhere you want to gain views and attract an audience. You can also use it as a magic trick to inspire other people or as a transition for videos!


Keep creating and experimenting with other features on Wondershare Filmora. For example, you can use different effects, try on stock media, and then create or film your own. In this way, you'll get professional results.

If you are showing new strategies daily to your viewers, they will hook up with you, and it'll assist in the algorithm working by your side. That's why keep doing it and enjoying the rest!

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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