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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Trim/Split/Cut Audio

Split Audio

Cutting audio clips is an easy thing. First, you need to put the playhead to the point in your audio clip where you want to split it. Second, select the audio clip. After that, there are several ways that you can cut the audio:

1 Hotkey: Ctrl+B

2 Click on the Scissors icon on the playhead.

3 Tab on the Scissors icon on the toolbar.

4 Right-click on the audio clip and select Split.

 split audio
Split Audio

Trim Audio

Here are two methods to trim audios:

1 Trim start to playhead. The matching hotkey is Alt+[.

2 Trim end to playhead. The matching hotkey is Alt+].

To trim your videos, you need to first select the audio clip. Right-click to choose Trim start to playhead or Trim or Trim end to playhead.

trim audio