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Edit and Customize Texts

Learn how to edit and customize texts, making it easy to create the text & titles that match your style.

Edit Texts

Change the Duration

The default duration of a text effect is 5 seconds. There are two ways to change the duration of a text effect.

  • Drag the text on the timeline directly.
Drag the text on timeline
Drag the text on timeline
  • Select the text in the timeline and click the “Duration” icon to set a new duration.
Click the duration icon
Click the “Duration” icon
Drag the Title to the Timeline

You can drag it from the Titles library and drop it into the timeline. You can also right-click on the title effect you want and select “Apply” to add it to the timeline.

Drag Title to the Timeline
Drag Title to the Timeline
Edit Text Effects

Double click on title in the timeline to open the Text editing panel. From here you can change the style (font, size, color, alignment, transform and compositing), choose the WordArt type and animation of your text

Edit texts effects
Edit text effects

Edit a Title with the Title Group Controller.

        • Double click the title in the track and the Title Group Controller will appear.
        • Enter values into the X and Y boxes to adjust the position.
        • Drag the scale slider to adjust the size of the title template.
        • Drag the rotate slider to change the orientation of the template.
    Title Group Controller
    Title Group Controller
    Advanced Text Editing

    To edit your text in even more ways, click the Advanced button to enter the Advanced Text Edit panel.

    Advanced text editing
    Advanced text editing

    In the Advanced Text Edit panel, you can add more elements to a premade title effect such as new text boxes, shapes, or images.

    You can customize your text effects in the Advanced Text Edit panel in the following ways: font, color, animation, opacity, fill, border (color and size), and shadow (style, color, and size).

    Advanced text edit panel
    Advanced text edit panel

    Remove Texts

    There are two ways to remove tests from your video:

    • Select the text that you want to remove and hit "Delete" on your keyboard.
    • Right click on the text in the timeline and select "DELETE" from the menu.

    Favorite Texts

    • Right click on the text in the Titles menu, and choose the text you like to add to favorites.
    • Or choose the text you like, you will see a “heart”shape on the top right, click the “heart” into red.
    • You can check your favorite texts on the left - Favorites.