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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Group Editing

Filmora allows you to link clips together as a group so you can move them without changing the positions relative to each clip within the group.

How to Group Clips

  • To combine multiple clips into a group, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click the clips that you want to group in the timeline.
  • Then, right-click the clip and select Group from the context menu.
group ediging

Ungrouping Clips

  • To unlink your grouped clips, right-click one of the grouped clips in the timeline and select Ungroup.
  • Besides using the group feature, you can now mark the clip in the same color. Currently, you can mark the clip with eight colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, Cyan, blue, purple, gray and white.
  • Right click on the clip and select the option Select all clips with the same color mark, all clip in the same mark will be selected automatically, and then you can drag them as a group.