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Using Freeze Frame

A freeze frame is a single frame of the video clip shown repeatedly on the screen, and it can be any frame from a video clip. You can use freeze frame to show a specific frame in the video. For example, you can use freeze frame to show the tiny details, such as a smile or reaction that you’ve captured. When you add a freeze frame to a video, the video is split at the freeze point automatically and the frame you choose is inserted as an image file and displayed onscreen for the duration that you set.

Add Freeze Frame to Video

1. Hover the play head to the position that you want to add a freeze frame, and then right click the video. You can use the Backward and Forward buttons in the Preview window to navigate the video frame-by-frame to find the frame you want.

2. Right-click on the video in the timeline, and then select Add Freeze Frame option from the pop-out video context menu. Filmora will take a snapshot of the current frame of the video and then insert it into the position where the play head locates.

 add freeze frame
Add Freeze Frame
You could also find the Speed icon in the toolbar above the timeline and click the Freeze Frame option.
 add freeze frame
Alternative Way to Add Freeze Frame
There will be no audio, sound, or voiceover in the freeze frame portion.

3. To change the duration of the freeze frame, drag either edge of the freeze frame in the timeline, or click the Speed icon in the toolbar and select Duration option to adjust.

To change the duration of all freeze frames, go to Preferences -> Editing -> Default Duration, and change the duration for freeze frame.