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The HDR (Highly Dynamic Range) function mainly targets semi-professionals or professionals whose devices support HDR. HDR materials shot by users or obtained from other channels can be edited, previewed, and exported in Filmora.

Key Functional Features

HDR displays a more comprehensive range of brightness from the darkest to the brightest. In addition, it accommodates more brightness, shadow detail, and saturation for a more natural and realistic display without compromising tones in bright or dark areas.

You can switch to HDR export when the current device meets the GPU acceleration conditions.

Color Space Setting

Project Settings
  • You can select the preferred HDR option value in the Color Space drop-down menu by clicking File > Project Settings. The default value is SDR - Rec.709.
Project Settings
Project Settings
Export Color Space Option
  • • You can change Export Color Space to the export settings page: SDR - Rec.709、HDR - Rec.2100HLG、HDR - Rec.2100PQ. You can switch to HDR export when the current device meets the GPU acceleration conditions.
Export Color Space
Export Color Space
The MP3 format export page of Filmora for Windows does not have this setting. The MP3/M4A format of Filmora for Mac does not have this setting.

Export Color Space

On the Export interface, click SETTINGS. When the Export Color Space is always on, the current device has enabled GPU acceleration (GPU acceleration in the preferences).

If the Export Color Space option displays in gray, GPU acceleration is not available on the current device (GPU acceleration in the preferences). If either of these two conditions is not met, the option displays in gray, and the option value is the default when the option displays in gray (SDR - Rec.709).

Export Color Space Settings
Export Color Space Settings

Functional Limitations and Reminders

Timeline Rendering
  • After rendering in HDR state, the player preview video clarity will be reduced.
GPU Support
  • Enable GPU acceleration for preview, rendering, and export. Filmora has a corresponding pop-up reminder on it. After the GPU settings for Windows are adjusted, please restart to take effect.
Export Speed
  • The export speed of HDR video is about 4 times slower than that of SDR video.
Device Support
  • The preview function of HDR is limited to the case that the device supports and HDR is on. If your device does not support or does not turn on HDR, Filmora will prompt a pop-up window.