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Color Comparison View for Windows

While maintaining your content's integrity, Filmora offers dedicated color comparison functionality for clip editing. With the help of this feature, users can see a comparison between "before" and "after" editing views of videos. If you want to know how you can commence this terrific editing aid for your videos, keep reading the guide below:

How to Access Filmora Color Comparison View on PC?

You can use three methods to observe the difference between your clips. Find those methods below and use your preferred one:

Method 1: Using the Upper Toolbar

Step 1: Place Your Media in Timeline Track

Once you have created a "New Project" after opening Filmora, import your files and continue in the editing window. Use your cursor to select and bring the imported media to the timeline.

drag and drop media to timeline
Drag and drop media to timeline
Step 2: Access the Color Comparison Option

After selecting the clip in the timeline, navigate towards the toolbar at the top of the editing window and click the "View" tab. From the dropdown menu, select "Color Comparison Before/After". From the expansion menu, choose your preferred layout out of "Side-by-Side View", "Split View Left/Right", and "Split View Top/Bottom".

choose comparison layout and see results
Choose comparison layout and see results
Step 3: Edit in the Color Comparison Mode

Once you have selected a layout option, a window will appear where you can see the color comparisons and edit accordingly.

start editing in a new window
Start editing in a new window

Method 2: Using the Settings Panel

After importing and bringing your clip into the timeline, select it and navigate towards the right-side panel. From the "Color" tab, locate and select the "Color Match" icon.

navigate to right panel and choose
Navigate to right panel and choose

Method 3: Using the Timeline Toolbar

After dropping media to the timeline, click the "Color Palette" icon and navigate towards the preview window to see the results.

choose the relevant option in timeline
Choose the relevant option in timeline