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How to Automatically Resize Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

“How to use auto reframe and resize videos in Premiere Pro?”

You can do wonders if you’re using this powerful video editing software. Can you relate this statement to the current scenario? We think it’s impossible to call any particular video editing software the most powerful one, especially when the competitive features of similar products are on its surge. However, our main concern here is not to look for the advantages and disadvantages of any specific software. Instead, we have to explore the auto reframe feature of Adobe Premiere Pro to resize videos. And, the underlying reason we’ve started this way is to let you know that you also do auto reframing via other beginner-friendly or easy-to-use editing programs. It’s for those who don’t want to enter the complexities of such a high-end video editor.

So, let’s first start our easy tutorial on how to resize videos in Premiere Pro leading with that quick alternative for video cropping.

Part 1: How to Automatically Resize Videos for Different Aspect Ratios in Premiere Pro?

Auto Reframe is relatively recent in most editing programs. Similarly, the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 introduced this feature in its latest update. It can convert existing sequences or video clips into various aspect ratios. And, there’s no doubt that the introduction of the auto-reframe feature, no matter in which editing software, made the task of video cropping relatively easier than indulging in manual positioning of keyframes to crop the video.

Let’s check out what Auto Reframe looks like in Adobe Premiere Pro for different aspect ratios without further ado.

Steps to Use Auto Reframe in Individual Clips via Adobe Premiere Pro

Note that you can auto reframe both individual clips and completed sequences in Adobe Premiere Pro. So, let’s first check out the auto reframe feature on separate clips.

Step 1: Search Auto Reframe

We’re assuming that you have already imported the individual video clips into the Premiere Pro timeline. Now, you need to go to Effects, and type Auto Reframe in the Search tab, as shown below.

search auto reframe

Step 2: Select Individual Clips

Drag this auto reframe feature onto the individual clips in the timeline. For multiple clips, hold down the Shift tab and click the clips you want to select. Then, add the effect.

Step 3: Copy the Clip to Sequence for Another Aspect Ratio

Copy the clip to a series with another aspect ratio to check how well the effect works. You’re required to right-click the clip and select Copy.

The Motion Adjustments will be disabled while using the auto reframe feature. However, you can click the Edit Keyframes button to adjust the auto-generated keyframes.


Steps to Use Auto Reframe in Sequence via Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1: Choose Auto Reframe

You need to right-click the sequence to reframe and select the Auto Reframe Sequence tab.

auto reframe

Step 2: Select Aspect Ratio

Within the Auto Reframe Sequence window, select the Aspect Ratio and Motion Tracking you want. Also, remember not to nest the clips if you wish to keep transitions.

aspect ratio

Then, hit the Create tab to confirm. A separate folder for Auto Reframed Sequence will generate, which you can play to check the effect.

So, this was all about how to resize videos in Premiere Pro for both individual clips and completed sequence. Yet, the solution can be a little tricky if the clip contains motion elements. You may have to nest the clips or adjust the motion elements to solve the same.

Part 2: Quickly Resize Videos to Fit Different Aspect Ratios with Wondershare Filmora for Mac

As said earlier, we’ve another quick alternative to resizing videos without any complications. So, let’s reveal that fast method via Wondershare Filmora without any further ado. Wondershare Filmora is one of the competitive video editing programs for Adobe Premiere Pro. It's available on both Mac and Windows. So you can resize videos on Windows as well with the below steps. It has recently come up with a demanding feature of Auto Reframe.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Yes, the Auto Reframe of Wondershare Filmora is what we’ll be going to talk about in the following section. Comparatively, we’ve found this way of auto-cropping easier than Premiere Pro.

Steps to Use Auto Reframe with Wondershare Filmora for Mac

Please note downloading the latest version of Wondershare Filmora for Mac to access this newest update of Auto Reframe.

Step 1. Launch the App to Apply Auto Reframe

Launch Wondershare Filmora for Mac latest version.

Now, you have two options to apply the Auto Reframe feature.

Method 1: Choose the More Tools tab

After launching the Wondershare Filmora for Mac, select the More Tools tab to get Auto Reframe, as shown below.

auto reframe filmora

Now, click the Import button to upload your video clip into the Auto Reframe tool.

auto reframe filmora

Method 2: Create a Project

Hit the Create Project tab and upload the media clip into the timeline. You need to right-click the video clip and select Auto Reframe in the popup menu, as shown below. It automatically adds the clip to the timeline.

auto reframe filmora

Step 2. Choose Your Aspect Ratio

You have five options to select the aspect ratio, namely the Vertical (9:16), Square (1:1), Widescreen (16:9), Standard (4:3), and Cinema (21:9).

auto reframe filmora

Click the Eye icon to preview the whole video and adjust the frame accordingly. Yet, it’s optional as the auto-reframe feature will automatically set the frame after analyzing motion elements in the video.

auto reframe filmora

Step 3. Adjust Tracking Settings

After selecting the Aspect Ratio, enter the Advanced Settings and set Tracking Subject and Tracking Speed.

auto reframe filmora

After confirming the changes, hit the Export button and upload the cropped video to Filmora for further editing.

auto reframe filmora


So, this was how you could automatically do video cropping via different video editing programs. As per our primary concern, we’ve discussed an easy step-by-step guide on resizing videos with Premiere Pro before mentioning the fast alternative. The main reason we’ve introduced you to the quick option is the ease of use.

The auto reframe feature in Adobe Premiere Pro is quite tricky and confusing when it comes to deciding on whether to nest clips or not. Thus, the graphic elements can get highly disturbed while cropping through this software. On the other hand, our next best suggestion of Wondershare Filmora for Mac is relatively more straightforward and effective in avoiding such complications.

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