Wondershare Filmora9
Crop Video Clips With Aspect Ratio You Want
  • Auto crop or Pan and Zoom photos to fit project ratio..
  • Background blur effect for decorating black bars in portrait videos/photos .
  • Supports 9:16 portrait project ratio for phones.

Video Cropper: How to Crop Videos to Full Screen

There will undoubtedly be times when you need to crop your videos. For example, when you got some video files with black bars on top and bottom or you want to crop videos with large dimensions to fit the small screen of devices. Please note: the software recommended in this article is for Windows, if you need some tutorial about how to crop videos on Mac, please click here.

Though most video editing software would do the job, Wondershare Filmora9 is highly recommended. It's a powerful video editor that not only crop your video files, but also allows you to enhance the video with visual effects, transitions, titles and more. When you finish video editing, you can always find a suitable output format to generate your final result without any quality loss. Apart from that, you can also export to other options, e.g. share on YouTube or burn to DVD video directly.

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Easy-to-use Video Cropper: Wondershare Filmora9

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Why Choose Wondershare Filmora

  • Automatically or manually crop your video into different size.
  • Support a wide range of video formats including AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, MKV and more.
  • Apply effects, use filters, add titles, music and logo as you like.
  • Export in different formats, directly uploads online or burn discs.
  • Available both on Windows and Mac

How to Crop Video Files with Filmora9

1. Import video files to crop

You can either click "Import" on the primary windows and select files from your computer, or just simply drag and drop files to the User's Album before adding them to the Timeline for editing.

Import video files to crop

2. Crop videos

Now drag videos from the User's Album to the video track on the Timeline and right click the video. You will find a "Crop and Zoom" button in the menu. Click it to access the editing window to crop videos.

Crop videos

As you can see, there are 5 options at the bottom: Custom (which means you can crop the video clips as any aspect ratio you like), keep the crop area in 16:9, 4:3 or 1:1 aspect radio. Note that you should select a corresponding aspect radio when exporting if you have chosen a radio here. Otherwise, black bar will be generated. For example, you have cropped your video to 16:9, and then you need to set the Resolution in "Advanced settings" as 480*272 or 1280*720.

Crop videos

3. Export cropped video

Export cropped video

When the result is OK, click "Export" to save your cropped video. You can export video in any popular formats on the local computer by choosing "Format". If you want to play video creation on iPod, iPhone, iPad, click "Device" and select the thumbnail of your devices. You can also directly upload your cropped video to YouTube or burn to DVD discs for playing on TV using a DVD Player.

Video Cropping Tips:

1. It's always a good idea to preview your video before you export them to your hard drive. Make sure the video has not been cropped too much.

2. Make sure the aspect ratio of the cropped video is the same with that of the selected output format.

3. Note that the quality of cropped video depends on the chosen output format to some extent. For example, you have selected small dimensions, but output as large dimensions of the video, the quality would not be good. In such case, smaller output dimensions are preferred.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Jan 04,2019 18:33 pm
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export > output window > click settings button next to resolution, can type in your custom resolution.
I too would like to do this. Why doesn't it have custom resolutions for exporting?
i want my video to be a custom resolution based on my cropping. Basically once i create/export, i want the custom resolution to remain. Say i want it the video to be 1792 pixelss x 448 pixelss...is that possible???
I had no black bars when I saw my video in preview but when I export it I have black bars on the sides and thus my subtitles are out of the video and partly over the black bars - looks very bad. Any solutions on how to prevent this from happening?
Alright, filmora may be the worst cropping software on the market. Although it gives you multiple options of types of zoom to choose from, you can't even select of start and an end point.
Is there any was that you can follow an object across the screen while being zoomed in on it?
It appeared full screen on my editor.. But when I already uploaded it on youtube, it has black borders. It doesn't work. How can I fix it without having to switch to other video editing softwares???