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Best GIF Croppers: How to Crop an Animated GIF

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Cropping an animated gif is quite different from cropping still images. Fortunately, there are also some free and easy to use croppers that can help you realize it. Read on to find the best 5 GIF croppers, and the how-to steps are listed in detail.

Top 5 Best GIF Croppers

#1 Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-use yet powerful video editing software that allows you to edit GIF files, like cropping, reversing, rotating, splitting, cutting, add text and overlays, etc.

How to crop gifs with Filmora

  • Import gif file into the program
  • Drag it into the timeline
  • Right click on the gif clip, choose "Crop and Zoom"
  • Drag the rectangle frame to crop the gif
  • Hit the play button to preview the result. Hit OK when you get the image you want
  • Click "Export", choose "GIF" as the export format. You can change the resolution, frame rate and bit rate of the gif
  • Export and save

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


  • It allows you to adjust the cropping domain accurately, and you can preview the result before export.
  • An all in one editor that not only allows you to crop your GIF image, but also to convert gif to video (video to gif), add text and effects to a gif file, correct color for gif images, etc.
  • Share to Facebook directly


  • It might be a little bit heavy if you just want to crop a GIF image.


crop gif with filmora

An online site designed for GIF editing, you can find lots of interesting gifs made by other users on this site.

How to crop gif with GIFS.COM

  • Upload the gif file to the website, or paste the URL of the file
  • Choose Crop
  • Drag the highlighted area over the part you want to be in the final gif
  • All the darker area will be removed
  • Drag the left angle to resize
  • Click Save, Create GIF
  • Save or Share


  • Beautiful interface and easy to use
  • Allow you to blur, flip the gif
  • Allows you to post the GIF directly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc


  • Some effects can't be previewed
  • You have to sign in to export the gif


crop gif with filmora

Another simple online tool for cropping and slicing animated GIF, PNG and WebP.

How to crop gifs with EZGIF.COM

  • Upload image from your computer or paste an URL, click Upload
  • Choose the Crop tool, drag a rectangle over the image
  • Set the image width, height and adjust the aspect ratio
  • Hit "Crop it"


  • Allows you resize, rotate, adjust speed, and add text/overlays
  • Can't share on Twitter, Facebook directly


  • The final output result is not very accurate


crop gif with filmora

A very tiny online tool that can help you crop GIFs quickly and easily

How to crop gif with ILOVEIMG.COM

  • Select a GIF file from desktop, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Drag the rectangle to crop the image
  • Hit "Crop image"
  • The final result will be downloaded automatically, you can also copy the image link if you want to share it with others.


  • Very easy to use
  • Light and rapid


  • Some editing options are missing
  • Can't preview the result before downloading


crop gif with filmora

This is an online GIF editor that helps you crop and slice animated GIFs

How to use GIFGIFS.COM to crop gifs

  • Select the part of the image that you want to crop
  • Press the "Crop" button
  • A second later, a preview window will appear under the original image. Click "Download the result" to export the cropped gif image.


  • No need to download a program, free
  • You can also resize, optimize, reverse, rotate, add text, split the gifs


  • The final output result is not very accurate
  • Progress can be slow due to internet connection

Frequently Asked Questions About Cropping GIFs

1. How To Crop A GIF?

Web and desktop-based GIF makers and video editing software products make cropping a GIF a routine action. However, the exact steps you will need to take in order to crop a GIF file, depend on the GIF maker or video editing software you choose.

In most cases, you will just have to click on the Crop option, specify the area of the image you want to remove and confirm that you want to create a GIF. It is essential to keep in mind that cropping a GIF can alter its aspect ratio.

2. How To Reduce A GIF’s Size?

Increasing or decreasing the size of a GIF takes only a few moments of your time. You need to go through a few easy steps to resize a GIF online, since you just have to upload a file to the platform of your choosing, specify by how much you want to reduce the GIF’s size and then wait for the task to be completed.

In addition, reducing the number of frames a GIF contains will impact the size of the file, as the size of a GIF file increases with each new frame, you add to a GIF.

3. How To Crop A GIF To A Circle?

Whether or not you can crop a GIF into a circle, depends on the cropping tools the app you are using offers. Some GIF makers allow you to choose the shape to which you are going to crop a GIF, while others don’t provide this option.

Using Filmora’s mask features is probably one of the easiest ways to crop a GIF to a circle, as you simply have to apply the mask to the footage and specify which parts of the GIF’s frames are going to be removed. What’s more, you can choose the shape of the mask in Filmora which enables you to crop GIFs into a variety of different shapes.


If you want to make a GIF online, Filmora meme maker is your ultimate solution. It helps you make images, GIFs and video memes directly without watermark. It is totally FREE to use and no signup. You can change text size, color and position to create caption when you are editing. You can also put text inside or outside in GIF. 

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