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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Media for Use

Easy start with Filmora media for use to make a creative video. You can also save your video materials and templates on the cloud and exchange them with other creators.

Stock Media

Project media refers to the media files you used for your videos, including audio, video clips, images.

Find the Stock Media tab at the top, where there are several categories: Favorites, Downloads, and media integration area.

  • Click Favorite while hovering over a resource to add an tem to this folder.
  • The media downloaded from Filmora will be displayed here.
  • You can search for Videos or Photos you like from Filmstock
Media Integration

Here you can find fancy high-resolution stock media from:

  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Unsplash

Project Media

You can import media files here.

● Right-click on Project Media, you can add a new folder.

● Right-click on Folder; you can rename and add a new folder.

Global Media

Import media here to use it in multiple projects.

● Right-click on Global Media, you can add a new folder.

● Right-click on Folder; you can rename, delete and add a new folder.

Cloud Media

Import media here to use it in multiple projects.

My Cloud Media: You can drop or upload your video clips, images, or audio here to save them to your Cloud for backup.

Downloads: The media downloaded from your Cloud will be displayed here.

Adjustment Layer

  • Drag or click + icon to add the adjustment layer to the timeline. You can apply different effects, change the settings and edit again at any time without affecting the original clips.

After you have adjusted the settings, click Save as Custom, and your custom adjustment layer will be shown here. For multiple variable object uses, you can use the layer directly.

Relink Media

● Right-click the media file that you import in Project Media, choose Relink Media, you can replace a new media.

● If the selected file and the clip you used in the project have different durations, they cannot be relinked. Please reselect a file with the same duration to avoid issues.

Filter and View Options

Filter by File Type

Filter by File Type
Filter by File Type

On the right side of the Search Media bar, there are four filters here: All, Video, Audio, and Image

View Options

View Options
View Options

You can view by:

  • Large Thumbnail View
  • Medium Thumbnail View
  • Small Thumbnail View

Your media files can be sorted by:

  • Name
  • Duration
  • Type
  • Date Created
  • Ascending
  • Descending

Your media files can be grouped by:

  • None
  • Type
  • Date Created
  • Camera Name
  • Duration
  • Ascending
  • Descending