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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Panel Layout

The Panel Layout standards provide guidance for using these layouts.

No matter which project option you choose, you will enter the editing mode like the following:

Panel Layout
Panel Layout

Player Panel / Preview Window

It also calls "Preview Window". The Player Panel shows how you play the video in the Timeline. The position of the playhead is shown in the time code in the lower right corner.

You can enter a new time code to jump to a specific point in the video.

Below the time code, you'll find the Snapshot button, which can save a full-resolution still frame and automatically add it to the Media Library as an image.

The “Vertical Screen” option makes it possible to change the preview player to 9:16 portrait aspect ration for better preview when creating short videos.

vertical screen in filmora

Media Panel

It also calls "Media Library". After you import your source files, they will show in the Media Library. There are also some sample videos and colors available.

Timeline Panel

The Timeline Panel is where you assemble the media files and effects for your video project.

  • When your mouse is under the horizontal scrolling mode, you can scroll the mouse horizontally, the timeline will move to the left or right accordingly.

  • If you are using a laptop, you can move the timeline to the left or right by right-clicking and dragging left or right on the touchpad.

Action Cam Editing

Filmora also has a number of features tailored to GoPro and action cam footage, and an Instant Cutter to trim the clip without losing any quality. Please visit Lens Correction guide to learn more.

Dark & Light Mode

To toggle between Light and Dark mode, go to File > Preferences > General and choose Light Mode or Dark Mode under Appearance.

Dark & Light Mode
Dark & Light Mode

This is what the light mode looks like:

Light Mode
Light Mode
If you choose System Default, the skin color will be consistent with your operating system after restarting the program.