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Wondershare Filmora provides a wide range of compositing tools. You can easily import composites into Filmora.

To make an entire clip uniformly transparent or semi-transparent, use the Opacity effect in Compositing. You can set a selected clip’s opacity in video or image editing settings.

Composite Images and Videos

Add the image as an overlay, choose to adjust the opacity (transparency) and add a blending mode (i.e., have the video you can see through the image be darkened or tinted behind it).

❶ Click the image to enter the Image Basic Settings and go to Compositing.

❷ Choose a blending mode from the drop-down menu (your options include Screen, Darken, Multiply, and more). You can also move the Opacity slider to adjust the image's transparency.

composite images
Composite Images and Videos

Apply Compositing Effects to Blend Videos

Click into the Compositing tab and select compositing to blend your main video with your PIP clip. Depending on how intense or subtle you want the effect to be, you can adjust your opacity.

composite pip videos
Apply Compositing Effects to Blend Videos

Add Keyframes

Click the diamond icon next to the Compositing tab to set a keyframe for all the parameters or the diamond next to Opacity to adjust the single parameter.

compositing keyframes