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Audio-Driven Effects for Windows

In Filmora, users can employ different audio-driven effects to add a touch of music and dramatic effects to their videos. In its effects library, there are multiple audio-driven effects according to video contexts that you can apply. In this guide, we’ll talk you through the procedure of accessing and applying audio-driven effects.

How to Access and Apply Audio-Driven Effects

This section includes an in-depth look into starting and utilizing audio-driven effects in Filmora:

Step 1: Start Filmora and Click Open Project

After downloading and opening Filmora on your desktop, click the "Open Project" button at the main display window and select the files to import into your timeline panel.

import media straight to the timeline
Import media straight to the timeline
Step 2: Access Audio Driven Effects

Afterward, navigate towards the "Effects" tab, and from the left side panel, expand the "Audio Effects". Further, under the "Audio Driven Effect", you'll find a collection of pre-built relevant effects. Drag and drop a desired audio effect on the timeline track above your video and play to see the results.

open audio driven effects
Open audio driven effects
Step 3: Apply an Effect from the Collection

Upon selecting an effect, drag and drop it on the timeline track above your video and navigate toward the preview window to play and see the results.

apply the chosen effect
Apply the chosen effect