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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Split & Trim Video

To remove unwanted parts from the video, you can split or trim the clip. You can split a video into two separate clips, trim off the beginning and/or ends of a video clip.

Trimming or splitting the media clip will not affect the original source media.

Split Video Clip

Splits the selected clip. Position the Scrubber to where you want the clip to be split, and then click this button.

❶ Split Video with the Split Button in Timeline

Click the video in the timeline, drag the playhead to the position where you want to split, and click the split button on the playhead to create the split.

split button in Filmora
Split Button
If you don’t select a specific track in your timeline, you will split all of the clips under your playhead. To split media in a single track, you need to select the track first and then click the Split button.
Filmora split button settings
Split button setting
If you didn’t see the Split Button in the timeline, you can go to File -> Preferences -> Editing to show it.

❷ Split Video into Parts with the Split icon

  • Click the video in the timeline, and move the playhead to the position in the clip where you want to split it.
  • Click the scissors icon above the timeline to separate it into two clips.
split icon in Filmora
Split icon

❸ Split Video with the Split Option

Select the video and place the playhead at the position where you want to split the clip, right-click and choose Split from the context menu.

split option in Filmora
Split Option
You can also split large videos based on scenes. For more details, check Scene Detection.

➍ Quick Split Mode

Import your video to the timeline, choose “Quick Split Mode” icon, and then click on the timeline to split your video.

quick split mode

Just choose the parts you want to split and then click the mouse to quickly split long clips with ease.

use quick split mode

Trim Video

You can use the trim feature to remove unwanted segments at the beginning or the ends of the video.

❶ Trim with Mark In and Out in Preview Window

In the Preview window, you can use the Mark In and Mark Out points to break down a video into multiple segments without importing it to the timeline first.

  • Double click the video in the Media Library to view it in the Preview window.
  • Use the player controls to find where you want the trimmed clip to begin, and then click the Mark In button when you get the frame of the video that you want to use as the beginning point.
  • Click the Mark Out button to set the point that you want it to be the end frame.
  • Drag the clip from the Preview window to the timeline, the video segment you want to keep will be loaded in the timeline.
mark in and out points to trim video in Filmora
Mark In and Mark Out
After you mark in and out points, you can always change your mind before you edit the clip into the timeline. Just drag the Mark In and Mark Out points to a new position in the Preview window.

❷ Trim Video in Timeline

Select the video on the timeline you want to trim, hover your mouse over the left or right edge of the video until the trim tool shows.

Click and drag the edge of your clip forwards or backwards to trim off the unwanted portion.

trim video in Filmora timeline
Trim Video in Timeline
Filmora also has an option for you to quick trim from the start or end of a clip. Move the Playhead on the frame want to trim, and right click on it to select Trim Start to Playhead or Trim End to Playhead under Trim context menu, depending on whether you want to delete what's behind the playhead or in front of it.