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AI Vocal Remover for Windows

Song covers, remixes, and remakes have been in trend for decades, and the audience's love for them never dies. Keeping in view the interest of the audience and editors' needs, Filmora added the Vocal Remover tool. Users can separate vocals from instrumentals and use them to generate content further. Here is a comprehensive guide on incorporating the Filmora AI Vocal Remover tool:

Remove Vocals From an Audio

If you want to diversify your music experience and create unlimited entertainment pieces through it, keep reading this step-by-step guide.

Method 1: Using the Top Toolbar

Step 1: Start Filmora and Create a New Project

Begin by downloading Filmora for your desktop and then click to start it. Next, proceed to log in or sign up through the "Profile" icon at the top. Afterward, navigate to the control panel on the left-hand side and choose the "Create Project" option. From the various tabs visible in the main menu, click the "New Project" tab.

login and create a new project
Login and create a new project
Step 2: Import Files and Add to Timeline

Once you reach the main interface of Filmora, select "Media" from the custom toolbar and click on the "Files" icon to import your files in Filmora. Now, select the imported files drag and drop them to the timeline panel.

import media and place on track
Import media and place on track
Step 3: Enable the AI Vocal Removal Functionality

Next, select this music clip in the timeline, navigate toward the "Tools" tab at the top toolbar, and click it. From the dropdown menu, choose the "Audio" option and select "AI Vocal Remover".

access vocal remover from tools
Access vocal remover from tools

Method 2: Using the Timeline Option Panel

After bringing media to the timeline, select this video on the timeline panel and right-click it. From the options panel, find and select the "AI Vocal Remover."

right click on clip in timeline
Right click on clip in timeline