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Instant Cutter Tool for Windows

Filmora's Instant Cutter tool is designed for situations when immediate video trimming is necessary. We have outlined the step-by-step procedure for accessing this tool:

Importing Media with Instant Cutter Tool

In this section, you will learn about accessing and employing Filmora's Instant Cutter Tool in three different methods. This exists as an independent feature; however, users can also access it indirectly using the methods discussed below:

Method 1: Using the Instant Cutter Tab in the Main Menu

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Access the Tool

After performing the compulsory task of installing Filmora, launch it on your PC. Upon accessing its main display, navigate towards the tabs featured there and click the ">" symbol until you find the "Instant Cutter" tab and select it.

click on the instant cutter tab
Click on the instant cutter tab
Step 2: Import Media in the Instant Cutter Window

Filmora's Instant Cutter window will appear once you employ this action. Under the "Trim" tab, click the "Open File" button to import a clip from your device.

click the open file button
Click the open file button
Step 3: Trim the Media Clip and Export It

Once the clip has been imported into this window, change the slider's position to set your clip's starting and ending points. Once you have cut your clip, click the "Play" button to check if the duration is correct and hit the "Export" button.

trim media and click export
Trim media and click export
Step 4: Adjust Export Settings

Upon clicking the "Export" button, a small pop-up will appear. You can customize the export setting from there, like the file's location. After adjusting the desired settings, click "OK", and the export progress will appear. Once the export procedure completes, you can access your file from the folder you saved it in.

set file location and press ok
Set file location and press ok

Method 2: Using the Top Toolbar

Create a new project in Filmora to access its main interface after launching it. Head in the direction of the top toolbar using your cursor and click the "File" tab. Expand the "Import Media" option from the dropdown menu and choose "Import with Instant Cutter Tool".

access file tab to import media
Access file tab to import media

Method 3: Using the Project Media Section

Upon reaching Filmora's editing interface after creating a new project, proceed toward the "Project Media" section and find the "Import" button. Click on it, and select the "Import with Instant Cutter Tool" option from the expansion menu.

access project media to import
Access project media to import