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Advanced Text Edit for Windows

In Filmora, users can edit their text better than usual through its Advanced Text Editing feature. Commencing this functionality will allow users to apply different animations and presets to their text. In addition, users can customize other elements such as "Fill," "Outline," "Shadow," and "Background." To learn how you can enable and apply all these enhancements in your text, find the guide below:

Accessing the Advanced Text Edit Option

Now that you are familiar with this feature, it is time to learn how to operate it by following the steps given below:

Method 1: From the Timeline Toolbar

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Create a New Project

Start by downloading this software on your device and launch it to access its main menu. Use your mouse to reach the "New Project" option and click it.

start with creating a new project
Start with creating a new project
Step 2: Access the Quick Text Option

Upon reaching Filmora's editing interface, use your mouse to locate the "Quick Text" option in the timeline toolbar and click any options from the dropdown menu.

click the quick text option
Click the quick text option
Step 3: Activate Advanced Text Option

Once you enable "Quick Text", a title will appear on the timeline. Select this title, hover towards the settings panel on the right side, and click the "Advanced" option.

click the advanced button
Click the advanced button
Step 4: Start Editing by Accessing the Presets Tab

Following that, the "Advanced Text Edit" window will appear, where you can see many editing options. Add any text, and from its right-side panel, click on the "Presets" tab and apply a suitable preset to your text.

add a preset
Add a preset
Step 5: Make Customizations in the Added Text

After adding a preset, navigate towards the right-side panel again and click the "Customize" tab. Under this tab, you can make a diverse range of changes in your text color, gradient, opacity, and more.

customize the text settings
Customize the text settings
Step 6: Add Animations to Your Text

Accessing the "Animation" tab in this window allows users to download and apply different types of animations in the text to make it appealing. Define its "Duration" according to the applied animation to make the content engaging.

apply animations to text
Apply animations to text
Step 7: Finalize the Changes

Once you are done, click the "Apply" button to finalize and add these edits to the timeline. Afterwards, you can apply other effects or enhancements to it.

click apply to finalize the settings
Click apply to finalize the settings

Method 2: Using the Custom Toolbar

In Filmora's window, navigate towards the "Title" tab in the custom toolbar and select any of the titles. Afterward, drag and drop the title to the timeline panel and select it. From the settings panel at the left, click the "Advanced" option to proceed.

access the title tab to initiate
Access the title tab to initiate