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Full Review of Top AI Melody Generator Tools to Use in 2024

Need help deciding on the melody for your new song? Here are the top AI-based Melody generators for instant melody creation, with features, pros/cons, etc.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Apr 17, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

While creating a new song, having the melody in place is one of the first things artists focus on. Indeed, if you have the base tune in mind, adding lyrics and experimenting with genres is much more suitable. Of course, you can tweak the musical composition later, but having a base melody is important as the backbone.

However, if you are struggling with creating new, unique tunes, planning the song can seem like the most complex part of the song-making process. Luckily, AI melody generator VST options are available for instant melody creation. In this post, you will learn about that, so give it a read.

melody introduction
In this article
  1. SoundRaw
  2. Soundful
  3. Amper Music
  4. DopeLoop
  5. Melisma Stochastic Melody Generator
  6. SoundGrail Melody Generator
  7. ecrett music
  8. MuseNet

Full List of Best Melody Generators

The AI-based melody generator tools utilize AI algorithms to analyze the details you add about the song you want to create, like the genre, theme, etc. After that, it instantly processes a suitable melody per the requirements you are free to use.

In the same context, the following are some of the best tools available for use that you will learn about in this review.

1. SoundRaw

If you want superior quality AI-generated melody, SoundRaw is one of the best options for high-grade melody creation tools. You can set different song elements based on your needs, choosing the mood and genre for the clip.


The algorithm here will create a suitable melody based on the customizations you choose. You can make multiple such tunes without any blocks on this platform.

Price: Free, Personal- USD 19.99/month

Device Compatibility: web-based


  • Set the song genre for the song generation.
  • Choose the main mood.
  • Select the length of the song.
  • Adjust song chorus sections during editing.
  • Get zero copyright strikes.
  • Fast song development as per AI technology.
  • Make an unlimited number of songs.
  • It would help if you upgraded the plan to use the songs you create for commercial reasons.
  • Free users cannot download the songs.

2. Soundful

Soundful is one of the best AI-based music generators to try out. Choose the content you create on the platform, like a sales promotional video, tutorial, vlog, or other types.


Then, you should choose the song elements, like the genre and theme. Preset templates are also available for inspiration here.

Price: Standard- Free; Premium- USD 9.99/month; Enterprise- customized pricing.

Device Compatibility: web-based


  • Get licensed melodies for specific content types, like vlogs, podcasts, etc.
  • Choose a mood template for customization.
  • Check out different song theme options.
  • Create an unlimited number of tracks.
  • Users here get 50+ templates.
  • Download 10 files each month.
  • Each month, users get 1 to stem packs depending on plan type.
  • You can use each free plan license for specific social media apps, like YouTube.
  • You need to pay higher costs for custom template options.

3. Amper Music

Amper Music is another premier platform for users to try for music generation and composition. It is available under Shutterstock now and is simple to access online. With a paid plan, you can review the premade song clip choices already available here.

amper music

Indeed, you can browse as per the song type you want to recreate, genre, etc. While you will get many sources of royalty-free songs here, you can custom-create songs as well.

Price: In-app costs start at USD 29.99/month.

Device Compatibility: web-based


  • You can get PremiumBeat content.
  • Robust API-based audio generation.
  • Set filters like BPM, mood, etc., for easier selection.
  • Easy AI-based customizations.
  • 10,000+ preset sound clips are available.
  • Adjust the sound effect as needed.
  • Preview the song before downloading.
  • The renders you create cannot go beyond 30 seconds.
  • Slightly complex to navigate the available features since the software integration into Shutterstock.

4. DopeLoop

DopeLoop is one of the best mobile-based AI generators for melody creation that you can depend on for a high-quality user experience.


Here, you must set the instrumentation you want for the melody creation and adjust the beats per minute value. Then, easily generate the melody to download or share online.

Price: Free

Device Compatibility: iOS/Android/web-based


  • Choose an instrument to add for the customization.
  • Download the file as a MIDI export.
  • Utilize the loops available with royalty-free support.
  • Change the BPM rate.
  • Instant melody generation.
  • Download the file in WAV format.
  • Offline accessibility is available.
  • Limited languages are supported here.
  • Not for free.

5. Melisma Stochastic Melody Generator

When it comes to high-quality free tools for AI melody generation, the Melisma Stochastic Melody Generator is worth try.

melisma stochastic melody generator

You can set different specifications for the tune generation as per the levels mentioned and get a customized melody within some time. However, this is useful for those with at least some musical theory knowledge.

Price: Free

Device Compatibility: web-based


  • Set the tonality factor for the customizations.
  • Choose the key and the type of key profile.
  • Set the beat-based intervals in the msec format.
  • Choose the tonic endpoints.
  • You can set the proximity factors for musical composition.
  • Set the top and bottom ranges.
  • It is free to use.
  • Having a good understanding of musical notes and chords will make it simple to use the tool.
  • Minimalist UI does not look enticing for many users here.

6. SoundGrail Melody Generator

This AI melody generator is a high-grade option to try out in the context of quick and precise melody creation with AI support.

soundgrail melody generator

It is simple to set the melody-related specifications and make other tune types based on rhymes and chord progression. All of it is easy to access and utilize.

Price: Free, Premium- USD 6/month.

Device Compatibility: web-based


  • Set the total melody count.
  • Choose the number of melody notes here.
  • Check the rhyming functionality.
  • Use Mode and Meter, among other sound creation features, here.
  • Useful for learning how to create chord sets.
  • Varying music creation tools.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • Too many ads.
  • MIDI export type is a premium plan function to get.

7. ecrett music

When it comes to choosing a high-grade AI melody maker, ecrett music is one of the top platforms to try. Here, you will get both customization benefits and preset song options to try out.

ecrett music

Using this software for instant and efficient AI-based music creation at any time is simple, and refer to older options in the history section for reference.

Price: Free; Individual- USD 4.99/month; Business- USD 14.99/month

Device Compatibility: web-based


  • High-quality melodies are available for direct download and personalization.
  • Adjust the song structure.
  • Re-edit the saved files.
  • Set the mood, genre, and scene for the music-building customization.
  • Get royalty-free music.
  • Strong AI-based algorithm for instant melody creation.
  • Check your usage history, like favorites, download history, etc.
  • Only the last 10 songs you create are available in the download history.
  • You can use the file later as a separate music file, only operate it for editing.

8. MuseNet

MuseNet users can expect high-grade AI-based melody generation support. It is not that difficult to use this software, especially for those with experience in song creation. You will have many instrument options to combine and create a stunning song effect.


Here, many sample music options are also available on this melody generator AI that you can use as a reference. Then, prepare new tunes after previewing other options.

Price: Free

Device Compatibility: web-based


  • GPT-2 general purpose technology predicts the next note quickly.
  • Add varying instrumentation notes to the music piece.
  • Create 4-minute-long compositions.
  • Get multiple tries with the process.
  • Create different types of music notes.
  • See the connections of different musicians over time.
  • Quick and automatic note processing.
  • The instruments that users get are suggestions but are not available as requirements.
  • Producing high-quality song melodies with contrasting instruments and genre selections is hard.


Overall, multiple online options allow people to create song melodies quickly and smoothly for ringtones or further song background use. Try out the AI-based apps for this creation process to get the results instantly and get many melody options altogether to choose from. Then, select the online tool that best works for you.


  • 1. Which one is available in a mobile app version?
    The DopeLoop software is also available in iOS and Android app versions besides the web-based format.
  • 2. Which is the best AI melody generator?
    Regarding customization and ease of use, options like SoundRaw and ecrett music are very high-quality. What users will consider the best for them typically depends on their preferences. So, you should check out all these options before settling on one.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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