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LumaFusion – One of the Best Video Editors for iOS

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 14, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

LumaFusion makes itself known as a multi-track video editor available for iOS users. While it presents other compatible versions, it provides some of the most professional video editing and enhancement features that make editing proficient on mobile devices. Its easy-to-use interface, combined with advanced functions of editing videos, adding audio, and adjusting speed, gives a perfect non-linear editing experience.

  • Manageable and Proficient user interface
  • Image stabilization is available to enhance performance
  • Can add third-party plugins for video enhancement
  • Trim unused media before exporting the video
  • Videos can be exported directly to Final Cut Pro
  • The user has to pay for the app to download
  • Audio synchronization issues in large videos
  • You can only add up to 6 audio/video tracks to the timeline
In this article
  1. What is LumaFusion?
  2. Key Features of LumaFusion Video Editor
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of LumaFusion Video Editor
  4. What’s New in LumaFusion 3.2 Version
  5. Best Alternative to LumaFusion Video Editor for iOS

Part 1: What is LumaFusion?

LumaFusion is a multi-track video editing mobile application providing a professional video editing experience on portable devices. It gives uses  a platform to create the perfect storyline and environments for bringing out the perfect features of the story that is held by the video. So, while you get a platform with interactive features and tools to work with, video editing simultaneously gets extensive and simple.

People who are not having the time to bring in a professional video editor to work on a task can look forward to this progressive tool designed for portable video editing. While you do not confuse it with a basic video editor, you can find tools that can help you adjust parameters such as the aspect ratio.

lumafusion video editor

Download LumaFusion: Android | iOS

You can download this proficient video editor for your iPhone and iPad. It can also be enjoyed on Mac devices, which are now available on Android devices. LumaFusion has scaled its support and compatibility of devices over time.

Pricing Plan

If you intend to use the LumaFusion app to inject creativity into your videos, you must have to pay a single-time price of $19.99 to get access to the application. Apart from that, there are several in-app purchases that you can look forward to for increasing the hold on different tools and features, as per the requirement.

System Requirements of LumaFusion iOS

iPhone Requires iOS 15.4 or later.
iPad Requires iPadOS 15.4 or later.
iPod Touch Requires iOS 15.4 or later.
Mac Requires macOS 12.3 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.
Size 192.9 MB

Part 2: Key Features of LumaFusion Video Editor

We will now highlight some essential features that can be considered about the LumaFusion video editor. These features will give a better understanding of the tool and provide a guideline on how to utilize the best functions with ease:

1. Interface

When understanding the interface of the LumaFusion app on iOS, many would think the application won't provide extensive tools to work with. This video editor does not come with a bland user interface but provides some great functions and features on an interface that allows you to create professional-level videos.

With the option of adding titles, transitions, color grading, and effects, LumaFusion is a complete video editor that provides features that are not commonly observed in many desktop-based video editors. Regardless, it presents an efficient workspace that has managed all the functions properly in rows and different sections.

lumafusion video editor interface

2. Video’s Layers

Creating proper movies on your iOS device is not difficult with LumaFusion. With the option of including six layers of video in the timeline, a lot can be done with them for improvising different sequences and multiple effects. Its picture-in-picture presets, layered transitions, graphic equalizer, and the use of additional plugins allow you to create complete videos with proper control.

Talking about some renowned iOS video editors in the market, you will find LumaFusion a much better option. iMovie, the dedicated video editor for iOS devices, can only embed two layers of videos in the timeline. This clearly explains why LumaFusion is a much better option with its video layers.

video layers in lumafusion

3. Powerful Keyframe

The keyframes function on LumaFusion is not challenging to work with on the video editor. You can ecstatically create animating effects with the help of the keyframe sounds within the application. These effects, once created, can be saved and used on other videos within the platform. To improve your effects on the mobile video editor, you can use the powerful keyframe feature of LumaFusion to create the best results.

With a small price to pay for the video editor, you can gain access to a diversity of keyframes that can help you design the perfect effects for your video.

lumafusion keyframe feature

4. Export to Final Cut Pro

Another impressive and touching feature this video editor provides to its users is its integration with Final Cut Pro - a proficient  desktop video editor offered on macOS. You can easily export your created video to Final Cut Pro as an file directly after paying a one-time price. Users who are having a rough time editing the file on LumaFusion can easily shift to Final Cut Pro.

This process has disadvantages, regardless of the extensive control and accessibility provided between the applications. If you seek to use Final Cut Pro after editing a video on the LumaFusion app, you will have to add all the assets on FCP when you shift the file onto the platform.

Also, you might have to include many effects such as LUTs, Chroma key, and other relevant features. With this effort, you can easily put your video from LumaFusion to Final Cut Pro.

Part 3: Advantages and Disadvantages of LumaFusion Video Editor

Suppose you are considering using the LumaFusion video editor on your iOS device. In that case, there are a few advantages and disadvantages you must look into to understand more about the tool and get to an absolute decision:

  • You can add third-party plugins to your video editor to enhance the video editing features. This allows you to put better effects, transitions, and enhancement elements in your video.
  • It can create smooth slow-motion videos with 120fps and 240fps results.
  • Multi-layer titles can be created within the platform and used in further actions.
  • The display of the edited video can be previewed across an external monitor.
  • It provides stability in video editing by using color tags within frame rates up to 18fps.
  • For large video files, you might face lagging issues and audio synchronization within videos.
  • To access the complete library of music and clips, you will have to subscribe to their additional plans.
  • The tool is already available at a price tag, which is associated with more subscription plans, making it a devalued option.

Part 4: What’s New in LumaFusion 3.2 Version

The latest iteration of the LumaFusion app brings new and exciting features to the market. To learn more about these features, you will know better how the video editor is improving its operations:

1. 35+ New Transitions

LumaFusion 3.2 comes with a new set of transitions, with almost 35 in number. With different blur transitions, there are some new introductions in the transition section that offers multiple motions.

lumafusion new transitions

2. iCloud Backups

If you are confused about how to sustain the storage space on your iOS device, LumaFusion now provides iCloud Drive support and allows the user to back up their data. The data from the iCloud Drive can also be restored directly from the platform.

access the icloud backups

3. Rename Linked Folders

In the previous versions of LumaFusion, you could not rename the linked folders, or the platform incorrectly named them. With this update, you can now easily rename the linked folders by selecting and holding them within the interface.

rename linked folder

4. Localizations for 2 New Versions

Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese are now among the added localizations in the video editor. The wide range of language support is helping this application set up a new precedent in the market for other mobile video editors.

Part 5: Best Alternative to LumaFusion Video Editor for iOS 

LumaFusion video editor is a great option, but its drawbacks restrict it to some extent. To answer this, Wondershare Filmora provides a better option for video editing, offering compatibility on Windows and all other platforms supported by the LumaFusion video editing application. To know more about how good Filmora is, look ahead.

Wondershare Filmora is a complete, easy-to-use video editor providing many features and creativity options. For example, you can find the perfect set of effects and transitions on the platform by supporting a diversity of filters and text overlays. With other options, such as PIP mode and video beautification, Wondershare Filmora supports many file formats for video editing.

Free Download
Free Download
filmora video editor interface


This article has provided a prominent overview of the LumaFusion review, a video editor that has made video editing operations easier on smartphones. While it is a great iOS video editor, you can find other prominent functions with extensive layered support, intuitive keyframes, and consolidated connectivity to other platforms. As a better option, this article has offered Wondershare Filmora as a more potent tool with better compatibility and inexpensive features.

People Also Want to Know

1. How to download LumaFusion on Windows?

LumaFusion is unavailable on the Windows platform, where you can only find it on Mac, iOS, and Android. As an alternative to this video editor, you can try using Wondershare Filmora.

2. Can LumaFusion edit 4K?

You can easily edit, manage, and export 4K videos within the platform. LumaFusion provides extensive support for managing a broad range of video resolutions.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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