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How to Add VHS Green Screen to Your Video

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Apr 14, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
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When making a video, it is always fun to add an effect. You can do this for either atmospheric or aesthetic reasons. VHS green screen effects are among the world's most popular effects people use today.

We'll give you the low-down on VHS Green Screen, including how it became popular and where to get these effects for free. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is VHS?

Since its introduction in 1976, VHS has been the most frequently used video cassette recording technology. The VHS format is a consumer-level analog video cassette recording standard for videotaping. The acronym VHS referred to Vertical Helical Scan and was eventually modified as the popularity of this technology increased.

Produced by a Japan Victor Company, the technology uses a magnetic tape measuring half an inch. By the 1950s, magnetic tape video recording had become a vital part of the television industry. The technology is exclusively utilized in professional settings like TV studios and medical imaging (fluoroscopy).

As consumer access to videotape increased in the 1970s, a new economy centered on home video emerged, drastically altering the economics of the film and television industries. By 1980, VHS had captured 70% of the market and had established itself as the industry standard for entertainment and instruction.

The original standard has a picture quality equivalent to that of analog television. High-definition television content could be recorded and re-created using digital VHS (D-VHS). Progressively, a new format was launched dubbed S-VHS (Super VHS), which featured improved video quality from 240 to 400 lines; however, people did not use it extensively.

VHS tape, compared to its competition at the time, Betamax tapes had longer tape lifespans. VHS tapes were preferred because they recorded three times as long as Betamax tapes because of their higher storage capacity.

The last VHS recorder manufacturer, Funai Electric of Japan, discontinued manufacturing in 2016 after the introduction of DVDs into the market.

How Did VHS Green Screen Become Popular?

The green screen effect allows you to superimpose subjects onto different virtual background video clips. Essentially, you take a video that's going to be your background, then overlay another video on top of this background. Using green screen properly will make your video stands out from the crowd. Let's look at some that made increased the popularity of the VHS green screen:

- Clarity and Interactivity

VHS green screen allows for better understanding and comprehension, especially when explaining complex concepts and processes.

VHS green screen allows users to interact with virtual elements. Essentially, it enhances customer engagement while improving communication between you and the audience.

- Creativity and Versatility

Differentiation is key to the world of business. Therefore, adding VHS green screen to your content allows it to be unique and customized to your business. The best part is: Your imagination is the only limit.

The green screen also helps people avoid building and breaking down sets, allowing them to complete several shoots in a single session, which provides greater efficiency for their business.

- Save Time

With VHS green screen, you can shoot your video anywhere and anytime. That means it helps you remove the extended production time while providing you with one location and infinite possibilities. For this reason, it's ideal for those who want to get the job done swiftly without hindering the quality.

- Budget and Logistical Solution

It eliminates expenses in the production line, like location, travel, and operational costs. In turn, you'll free up more budget that you can spend on other things that your business needs.

Additionally, it allows you to control your environment. Shooting a video depends on the weather; however, shooting a video on VHS green screen disregards weather. It also provides an effective solution to problems in different areas, including travel, lighting, sound, and location.


VHS green screen popularity has grown over the years because it allows you to superimpose your logo onto the background. This makes your videos look professional and clean and provides you with a chance to advertise your business or brand your service or product with your company identity.

Free VHS Green Screen Effect Resource to Download

If you are looking for free VHS green screen effects to make your videos stand out, here are some resources that you might want to consider.


ANFX is a stock video, after-effects projects, and motion graphics download hub. You can download a range of VHS green screen effects. All items that you will find on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons (CC) Attribution 4.0 International License. That means you can use the effects for any legal purpose, but you have to give them credit.

vhs green screen resource - ANFX

2. Videezy

As one of the world's largest video communities, Videezy offers free high-quality footage designed to make filmmaking easy and affordable. You can also download a range of free VHS green screen effects in 4k. The site has more than 4,000 free green screen videos.

vhs green screen resource - Videezy

3. Gfycat

VHS green screens for animated gifs is a thing, and Gfycat is a good resource for making animated gifs. It is free to use the green screen gifs on this platform. This user-generated short video hosting company is one of the first web services that offered video encoding of GIFs.

vhs green screen resource - Gfycat

4. Videvo

Videvo offers VHS green-screen effects, music, motion graphics, and sound effects. The site has a variety of effects available in resolutions from 720p-4k. While you'll need to pay for some premium clips, there are loads of free resources. The site is particularly helpful for those who want green-screen effects that allow them to present content as though it is on a phone, computer, or tablet.

vhs green screen resource - Videvo

5. Pixabay

This user-submitted content site offers free content for commercial use. You can make attributions or choose not to. The effects on this site are of high quality. All contents are released to users under Creative Commons CC0, making them safe to use without giving credit to the artist or asking for permission. What's more? You can even use the effects for commercial purposes.

vhs green screen resource - Pixabay

6. YouTube

YouTube is home to millions of users looking for parts to build their videos. You will need to learn how to download YouTube videos to take advantage of these resources. There are tons of YouTube channels devoted to providing users with free VHS green screen effects. Some of the notable channels include BestGreenScreen, HD Green Screen, Free Green HD, and Green Screen Animation.

vhs green screen resource - YouTube

How to Edit VHS Green Screen with Filmora

Filmora is a relatively new program that has taken the world by storm. This professional video editor is a lifeline for all videographers and creators who work with videos to increase their proficiency and create professional-grade videos without breaking the bank. To learn how to Use VHS green screen in Filmora, follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Import the video with the VHS green screen and the background video into the media library.

use VHS green screen with Filmora

Step 2.

Drag the video with the green screen and the background video that you want to replace the green screen with into the timeline and add it to one of the tracks. The video with the green screen should come second in the timeline.

use VHS green screen with Filmora - Drag and drop media

Step 3.

Right-click the green screen on the timeline and select the Green Screen option.

use VHS green screen with Filmora - select green screen

Step 4.

Select a color from the green screen menu.

use VHS green screen with Filmora - select color

Various settings under this menu allow you to customize how your video is affected by VHS Green Screen. Experiments with different settings may allow you to make good videos even better or give your videos a whole new feel.

The Tolerance slider adjusts how much of the green screen will be allowed in your subject.

Edge Thickness allows you to adjust the amount of the edge thickness you'll bring into the shot.

Use the Edge Feather slider to soften the edges of your subject.

Touch your mouse's right button and move your cursor to select the video you want to insert into the timeline or "Add Video to Timeline" if you are using a project that does not accept videos as sources.

Open Project Settings > Video Editor tab > VHS Green Screen and select Source Video from the drop-down menu to change the video from whatever it is currently set as.

You can also add VHS Green Screen to a Sub-track by pressing Ctrl + Alt combination.

After selecting your video and adding it to the timeline, you will see the Video Properties window.

You can edit the Source Video under Source Video Settings in the Video Properties menu or use the keyframes window to change its settings via a timeline.

You can also watch the below video to get a better underestanding about how to use Green Screen in Filmora.

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VHS video effects have become popular over the years because of the many benefits they offer. They allow you to save time, make unique content, be creative, and more. You can use Filmora's green screen feature to make your videos stand out.

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