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Trim/Split/Cut Out Audio

The video trimming, splitting, and cutting is just one-click far on Filmora. You can do this easily with your video clips by moving the slider, too!

Trim Audio Clips

If you need to trim from the beginning or end of an audio clip, hover your mouse over the left or right edge of the clip in your timeline until the trim tool shows. Then, click and drag the edge of your clip forwards or backward to trim the unwanted portion.

use the trim tool
Use the Trim Tool

Filmora also has an option for you to trim from the start or end of a clip quickly. Go to the “timeline,” and place the playhead on the frame you want to trim. Right-click on the clip and select “Trim Start to Playhead” or “Trim End to Playhead”. You can choose what you want to delete, behind the playhead or in front of it.

trim start or end to playhead
Trim Start or End to Playhead

Split Audio Clips

Select your audio clip and place the playhead where you want to split it, then right-click on the clip and select “Split” or click the “Split icon” above on the toolbar.

split audio
Split Audio

Cut Out Audio

If you want to cut out a section in the middle of an audio clip, drag the playhead to the start point of the unwanted section and press the “Scissors” icon to split the clip, then drag the playhead to the end of the unwanted section and press the “Scissors” again. Now that the unwanted section is on its own, you can select it and press the “Delete” icon to remove it.

cut out or remove audio
Cut Out or Remove Audio