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AI Thumbnail Creator For Mac

Thumbnails are crucial in video content, providing a quick glimpse of what to expect. While Filmora has long supported generating thumbnails through the export window, the latest upgrade takes it to the next level with AI. Now, users can choose AI-selected thumbnails from the video or their devices. To explore this feature and its practicality, continue reading the guide below:

Create a Thumbnail from a Video

One way to generate thumbnails is selecting a frame within the video, and there are two methods given below to accomplish it:

Way 1: Using the Export Window
Step 1: Using the Export Window

When you click the "Export" button after editing your window, look for the "Thumbnail" option on the left, where you must click "Edit" to proceed.

select thumbnail editing from export window
Select thumbnail editing from export window
Step 2: Select or Customize a Thumbnail

A thumbnail setting window will appear, and under the "From Video" tab, the AI will start generating suitable thumbnail options on the left side. You can select any of the AI-generated thumbnails, or you can manually choose by positioning the playhead. Afterwards, click "Edit" to proceed.

select thumbnail from video
Select thumbnail from video
Step 3: Choose a Thumbnail Template and Title

This will lead you to a thumbnail editing window where you can explore a variety of templates for your video. These templates are organized by video context, making it easy to find a suitable template. In the top left corner of this window, add a text or title to your thumbnail. After you’ve finished editing, click the "Save" button.

change thumbnail template
Change thumbnail template
Step 4: Export the Thumbnail to Your Device

This will take you back to the export window, where the thumbnail is visible. On the left side, below the generated thumbnail image, enable the "Add the thumbnail to the beginning" option. Click "Export" to start generating the thumbnail. Afterward, click the "Open Folder" option to view the saved file on your device.

export final video clip
Export final video clip
Way 2: Utilizing the Project Info Panel

Deselect the clip in the timeline, and the "Project Info" panel will emerge on the right side of the main editing interface. This panel displays the clip's properties, and at the end of these properties, there is an "Edit" button. Click on it to initiate the thumbnail editing process. Follow the same steps as in the first method for editing the video clip's thumbnail using AI.

access project info for thumbnail editing
Access project info for thumbnail editing

Create a Thumbnail from a Local

Applying AI-generated thumbnails is fun. However, users can also add and apply a thumbnail saved on their device, and here is a step-by-step guide to do it:

Way 1: Using the Export Window
Step 1: Access the Local Tab

After editing your video, select the "Export" button, and opt for the "Local" tab at the top of the export window. As it provides various export options, proceed to the thumbnail section on the left and click "Edit". This action opens a new window where you need to move to the "From Local" tab at the top. Import an image and click "Edit" to proceed with thumbnail creation.

add local image as thumbnail
Add local image as thumbnail
Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Template

A new window will appear where you can select the template for your video. After experimenting with other adjustments, such as cropping or exchanging it with another picture, click the "Save" button. You will be led back into the export window, where you can conclude the process.

apply theme on thumbnail
Apply theme on thumbnail
Way 2: Using the Project Info Panel

Another way of accessing the thumbnail creator is by double-clicking on anywhere in the editing window. This will open a "Project Info" panel. Find and select the "Edit" button, which will redirect you towards the thumbnail creator. Add in the thumbnail image from your drive and continue with the similar process as discussed above.

access thumbnail editing from project info
Access thumbnail editing from project info