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AI Translation in Filmora Mac

Wondershare Filmora’s AI Translation tool can translate your video into any language for a wider content reach and more views. Review this guide to learn more about the AI Translation feature of Filmora in macOS.

1. Ways to Access the AI Translation in macOS

There are two different ways to approach Filmora's AI translation tool. To explore both ways, navigate into the steps below:

Method 1. Through the Toolbar of the Timeline Section

Step 1: Start Project on Wondershare Filmora

Install the latest version of Filmora on your macOS and access its main interface. There, press the “New Project” button and enter its editing window.

create new filmora project
Step 2: Access AI Translation From Menu

Direct to the media panel and use the “Import” option to bring the media. Drag that media in the timeline section and navigate your cursor on it. Simultaneously press the "Control + Click" keys and find an extended list. Next, browse the “AI Translation” option from the list and tap to initiate the process.

select ai translation from menu

Method 2. Through the Timeline Toolbar

As you already have media in the timeline section, go to the toolbar above the timeline panel. From there, click the “AI Translation” icon on the toolbar.

access timeline toolbar for ai translation
In video translation with voice and text, Filmora recognizes 23 languages. Meanwhile, while translating, users can translate their videos into 14 languages. However, you can recognize and translate all 23 languages while managing text translations.

2. Use the AI Translation Feature on Filmora

Upon accessing the AI Translation option via any of the above methods, follow these steps to get your videos translated instantly:

Step 1: Pick a Translation Type from Two Options

After hitting the “AI Translation” option, a pop-up screen appears. Move to the "Translation Type" from that screen and extend its menu. Select whether you want to “Translate voice and text” or “Only translate text.”

set translation type in filmora
Step 2: Set Translating Languages

Assign the “Source Language” and “Target Language” parameters across their options. Once you are done selecting languages for translation, activate the "Auto-match" option. Hit the "Translate" button when you finish allocating your requirements.

define other translation parameters
Step 3: Complete and Preview Translation to Export

Once you proceed with the “Translate” button, another screen showing the translating status will pop up. When that screen shows “Completed” status, close the screen and preview the results. If you are satisfied with the translation, move to the top-right side and use the “Export” button to save the media.

conclude the ai translation process