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Audio Stretch for Mac

Among many diverse functions Filmora offers is its Audio Stretch feature. This feature allows editors to alter the duration of an audio track to align seamlessly with the video clip. There are no technicalities involved, as users can increase or decrease the duration of an audio using their mouse. For an in-depth detail of this feature, read the following guide:

Enabling the Audio Stretch Function

From Filmora's main interface, there exist two methods to employ the Audio Stretch function, and here is a precise instruction manual ability to activate it:

Method 1: Via the Timeline Tools Panel

Step 1: Initiate a New Project

First, download the latest version of Filmora on your device and launch it. Upon the appearance of its main display, click the "New Project" tab to start with.

start new project on filmora mac
start new project on filmora mac
Step 2: Import Media and Separate Audio

Initiate the editing process by importing your media content into its Media Library and placing it on a timeline. Keep in view that it is important for a video file to contain audio. Following this, select the clip and press "Command + Click" from your keyboard. From the selection panel, click the "Detach Audio" option to separate the audio track from a video.

add media and detach audio
add media and detach audio
Step 3: Activate the Audio Stretch Feature

Now, move your cursor towards the detached audio track within the timeline, select it, and from the timeline interface, select the "Audio Stretch" option. Now, experiment with your cursor to change the settings.

perform audio stretch
perform audio stretch

Method 2: Via the Keyboard Shortcuts

Another way to access the Audio Stretch functionality is by selecting the detached audio clip within the timeline and pressing the "S" key on the keyboard.