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Silence Detection

Silence Detection

Silence Detection will scan and remove silent pauses from your videos automatically. Here’s how to use Filmora’s Silence Detection feature:

After imported your video to Filmora, right-click on the video and choose “Silence Detection” option.

Silence Detection Mac

Now the Settings panel will appear, you can adjust the Threshold, Minimum Silence and Increase Buffer.

silence detection settings on mac
Silence Detection Settings on Mac

The process will start, you can click “Export to Timeline” once the process ends. Now you will be able to preview the video.

adjust silence detection settings on mac
Adjust Silence Detection Settings on Mac

Denoise Audio

If you want to denoise the hum and other background audio from your video in Filmora, just follow the steps below:

Detach audio from video and double click audio from the timeline, you’ll see a pop-out audio settings window.

denoise audio filmora mac
Denoise Audio Filmora on Mac

There will be 3 options: Normal Denoise, Remove hub and Remove wind noise. Adjust these options to your desired settings and apply it.

audio denoise options on mac
Audio Denoise Options on Mac