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Motion Tracking on Wondershare Filmora for Mac

Motion Tracking gives you the ability to track moving objects in a video clip and then have other objects (text, images, video clips, or elements) follow the same movement.

How does Motion Tracking work?

Intuitive interactive process: you can move the text, image, element, or clip that is following the track in the timeline or swap it out for something else.

To track an object in a video clip, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the video in the timeline, double-click the video, and then select Motion tracking in the video column.

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Step 2: Select the target with the tracking box. You can change the size and position of the box in the preview window.

Step 3: Click Start Tracking.

Step 4: Use the dropdown menu to choose what you want to follow the tracked path. The media has to already be in your timeline and overlap with the tracked clip to appear in this menu.

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Step 5: Adjust the size and position of the text, image, element, or clip that will follow the tracked path.