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If you want to create some effects to present the video in a creative way, add mask is a way to go. Here we are going to show how to add different types of masks to a video in Filmora on macOS.

Masks are mostly used to prevent the viewers from any distraction and draw their attention to a particular action or person.

Go to the Masks tab

Double click the video clip in the timeline to enter the Video panel. In the Mask tab, you can find some mask shapes, such as rectangle, circle, double line, single line, love and star. You can also draw a mask as you wish.

Apply a Mask

You can apply an existing video mask or load your own video mask by clicking Import. When you select a shape from the Masks, only the area it covers will be visible in the Preview window. Everything else will be hidden.

add mask to video
Apply a Mask

Draw a mask

Using the Draw Mask feature, you can create complicated masks in any shape by dragging control points and modifying B-Splines. By adjusting the Bessel curve for drawn masks while holding the Option, you can easily produce smooth curves. The draw mask can also be saved as a preset so that you can apply it with just one click.

add mask to video
Draw a Mask

Adjust the Mask

To edit the mask, you can also drag the sliders in the Mask tab. Rotate, scale, position, width, and height are all adjustable. You can even invert the mask so that the hidden portion becomes visible.

adjust video mask
Adjust the Mask