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Audio Mixer

The Audio Mixer lets you adjust the dB levels of all your tracks that contain audio and set whether they're set more to the right or the left.

To use the Audio Mixer, follow these instructions:

  • Drag and drop all your audio files (including video files from which you will be using the audio) into the timeline.
  • Click the “Audio Mixer” icon in the toolbar.
click the audio mixer icon
Audio Mixer Icon
  • Drag the small ball along the circle (the Pan/Balance knob) for each track to switch the sound between the left and right channels. You can also move the circles on the gauges upwards or downwards to adjust the gain.
switch sound between the left and right channels
Switch Sound
  • You can choose between “Surround” and “Stereo” on the right side of the window. You can also drag the corresponding tracks to where you need them, along with the Pan.
choose surround or stereo
Choose Surround or Stereo
If you select Surround, you'll be able to pan from left to right and from back to front, while in the Stereo mode, you can only pan from left to right.
  • Click "OK" to apply your changes to your video.

The Audio Mixer also lets you control the Master volume by dragging the sliders up or down so you can choose how loud a video clip should be. Click on the “Play” button to hear the results, and click “OK” to apply your adjustments.