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Enable/Disable Clip for Mac

In professional video editing, the ability to hide and unhide clips holds significance for enhancing the editing process. Wondershare Filmora provides this essential functionality as a part of its editing interface. This guide features a detailed procedure of how to access and employ this function:

Accessing the Enable/Disable Functionality

Users can initiate this action using two distinct methods, both of which are discussed below for your reference:

Method 1: Utilizing the Timeline Dropdown Menu

Step 1: Import Media to the Timeline

Begin by launching Filmora and creating a new project using the respective tab. Once you've accessed its editing interface, click the "Import" button within the Project Media section and import your files. Next, select the recently imported media in the Media Library and bring it to the timeline track.

import clip to timeline mac
Import clip to timeline mac
Step 2: Disabling a Clip

Select the clip in the timeline panel and press the "Control + Click" keys to reveal the timeline selection menu. From the available options, find and select "Disable Clip". This action will hide the selected clip within the timeline, allowing you to focus on other clips during editing.

disable clip on timeline
Disable clip on timeline
Step 3: Enabling a Clip

To re-enable the hidden clip, repeat the same process, but this time, choose the "Enable Clip" option from the timeline selection menu.

enable clip from timeline
Enable clip from timeline

Method 2: Utilizing the Timeline Panel on the Left

After adding media to the timeline, select the clip and navigate to the left side of the timeline. From the vertical panel there, click the "Eye" icon to hide or disable the clip. When the editing completes, click the same icon to enable the clip again.

use eye option
Use eye option