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Video Stabilizer

Here’s how you can stabilize your video footage in Filmora for Mac.

      • Launch the program and select Create New Project.
      • Import your shaky video into the Media Library and drag it into the timeline.

stablizer panel

      • Double click on your video in the timeline to bring up the editing panel.
      • Go to the Stabilization menu in the Video tab and make sure it’s box is checked. Click Analyze to start the stabilization process. When the analysis is complete, use the Smooth level slider to adjust the stabilizing effect.

    stablizer panel

    • Initially, it may seem as if the analysis has created flaws in the edges of your video, but that is part of the process. As you increase the Smooth level you will zoom in past those flaws and your resulting video will be smoother than the original.
    • If you’re happy with the video in the preview window, click OK. If you’d rather remove the stabilization effect, uncheck the box next to Stabilization.

    stablizer panel