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Customize Animations

If you need more animation effects, you can customize the animating effects to your video clip.

customize animations
Customize Animations

Steps to Customize Animations

  • Move the indicator to the timestamp where you want to create a keyframe, and click Add.
  • Set values in the keyframing menu or drag the media in the preview to adjust its size, placement, and rotation for the keyframe.
  • Similarly, add more keyframes, and adjust the rotate, scale, position, and opacity values as you like.
  • Playback your video on the timeline and check the animation you create. You can also right-click the keyframe on the video clip to edit, delete or clear the keyframes that you created.
It needs at least two keyframes to create an animation. The first keyframe you make will be for the current state of the media you are animating, and then you’ll set a second keyframe later in the clip that is changed.