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Get Started with Filmora

With Filmora’s updated and proficient video editing options, you can create the best version of videos after editing. To get hold of the effective options for adding effects and enhancing video with the right transitions, download Filmora on your Mac.

Before You Begin

Wondershare Filmora features support for a diverse range of file formats. To get hold of Filmora, you need to look at its system requirements for Mac so that you can utilize it properly with no hindrance.

Get Started Editing

Start a New or Existing Project on Filmora

Successfully download and install Wondershare Filmora on your Mac. To start a new project, lead to the "New Project” on the main window. You can also set up a new project by leading to “File > New Project" if you are already on the editing interface. To open an existing project on Filmora Mac, you can look for the "Open Project” or “Open Recent” options in the “File” tab.

How to create a project in Filmora for Mac
Create a project in Filmora
Importing Media To Filmora Mac

To import the media file on Filmora, look for the “Click here to import media” option in the “Media” panel. Conversely, you can access the “File” tab and look for the “Import Media" option in the drop-down menu. Here, Filmora provides you with the option of importing media files, folders, and data from a camera or phone or importing data with the "Instant Cutter Tool” or “Auto Beat Sync.”

How to import media in Filmora for Mac
Import Media Files
Proceed To Edit and Arrange Clips in Timeline

Once you have imported the media file onto Filmora Mac, you can add it to the timeline through two methods. If you right-click on the media file, it provides different options such as "Insert,” “Overwrite,” “Append,” and “Add to new track" to add it to the timeline. Otherwise, you can directly drag and drop the media file onto the timeline for editing.

apply transitions and effects
Include Elements Into Media

Following the addition of the media onto the timeline, you can include multiple elements in your content. It includes adding "Titles,” “Effects, “Audio,” “Transitions,” and “Stickers.”

apply transitions and effects
Export Video From Filmora Mac

Once you are done editing the video, you can have it exported from Filmora. For that, simply hit the “Export" button on the top-right corner of the editing window. As the export window opens, you can export the video into any of your required options. Filmora provides the option of exporting video data to your device or sharing it across social media platforms directly.

 How to add a title to your video using Filmora for Mac